Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shopping Extravaganza

Remember last week when I said I was going to go shopping? Well, I made good on my blog promise.

I planned on shopping Saturday, but I got the delightful request to come babysit Allison and Jordy while my brother took Lauren to a tennis tournament in Lawton. Erin was at a women's retreat Friday/Sat so I drove up Friday night, picked Lauren up from tennis and stopped to get a steak sandwich at Braum's and treated the little tennis athlete to her favorite peppermint ice cream. I loved picking Lauren up from tennis. I remember when I was teaching the little ones, and they would have someone special pick them up from school and how excited they were. Bryan and the other girls got home from church and I was quickly serenaded with "Living on a Prayer" by Jordyn. She then decided to jump from the couch to the coffee table thing to the bean bag. Face first. See video below. Never a dull moment in this house.

We all got into bed early since Bryan and Lauren had an early start. I went to sleep in Jordyn's bed (she lasted in there with me for about 30 seconds after story time and then went to her daddy's bed) and woke up with Jordyn, Allison, and 3 dogs all in bed with me. We had pancakes for breakfast and went to the neighborhood park. After Allison got us slightly lost in the neighborhood, we were exhausted after we got home, went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and then put Jordyn down for a nap. Allison and I had a great time coloring and watching House Hunters International (her request).

Sunday I went to lunch at the new Chuy's in Tulsa with Sammi and Harlan. Highly recommend. That creamy jalapeno dip was amazing. And the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (chicken enchiladas) were bomb. I followed that up with a trip to Woodland Hills to walk off my lunch. I scored some cute stuff at Forever 21, cheap color block top and new black dress pants at Gap and my total for both items was $21. Hello, sale!

Cute bracelet from Forever 21: $4.80

I love this polka dot top. But I do plan on wearing more underneath it: $19.80
Marshall's out a Tulsa Hills also proved to be awesome. They usually are. I can always seem to find cute things there. I got a new pair of skinny jeans, a pair of adorable black pants for work, a pair of black pumps for work on sale for $22, and cute pair of color block heels on sale for $10.
Yes, I took my shoe off at work to snap this pic.
It must have been the display shoe cause the right one is slightly too big. For $10 bucks, I can deal with that.

Now, onto food. I made PW's Corn Cheese Chowder. Delicious. If you like corn cheesy chowder, make it.

I never said I was a great food pic taker. I always forget until it is time to shove it in my face

In other news, I love Aquaphor. I use at night on my lips since I have a small addiction to hydrating my lips. But it also comes in really handy when I get what Sammi calls "Monster Mouth". I have self-diagnosed myseld (with the help of my mom) and we believe what happens is a virus is in my body and its only way out if through my lips. They blister and swell and turn bright red and are so tender. It's quite lovely. But Abreva and Aquaphor are the only 2 things that I can manage to put on them for about 4 days. I am currently on the tail end of an outbreak and I have also found the fudgesicles soothe my lips. How convenient!

And to end, we have new pics of Henry. We are going out to Montana in June for his first birthday and I will get to experience Yellowstone. So excited for that trip!

Representing OSU in the mountains!

We call this one "knuckle sandwich"

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