Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bachelorette Partay!

Last weekend I was in Dallas for a bridal shower for Katie. We had such a great time getting all the girlies together from the family and celebrating Katie's upcoming nuptials. We gathered at Stacie's house where she and Suzanne (Katie's half sisters) had prepared a lovely day for us. Kristin brought chicken salad that blew my mind. I ate my weight in it. Katie opened gifts, we drank champagne and wine (notice the almost empty glass in my mothers hand....she got cut off) and we played "use toilet paper to make a wedding gown) and I almost won. I mean, who doesn't pick their made of honor for the winner?!
After dinner, we vegged at Sheri's for a quick momento (not really vegging when you have children crawling all over you). Then Katie, Kristin and I headed to the hotel to check in and get ready for the evening. Also, why is is that you can look so good in the mirror and then someone brings out the camera and you immediately look like a pale, ugly, sweaty ghost?
Dinner was a little quiet and then we headed out to the Black Fin and let me tell you, we got the party started! I handed out penis straws and gave Katie a glow in the dark penis to wear around her neck.
I promised Katie I wouldn't publish most of the pics I took so I will only show you a few of the really innocent ones :)

Katie and Aunt Cindy at the shower
Bride and her MOH (maid of honor) at dinner
Kristin and Heather
The Bride getting ready to party
Sweet baby Jordyn
The girls in their flower girl dresses

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Last Fling Before the Ring!

Katie's bachelorette/bridal shower extravaganza is this weekend. I cannot believe it is already here. And I plan on posting that exact same sentence when the wedding is here. Time has really flown by since Kate and Louie got engaged. Seems like yesterday I was telling her on the phone that when the time is right it will happen and then shortly after that, she called and asked me to be her maid of honor.
We have lots to do this weekend and I am so looking forward to some girl time with some of my most favorite people in the world. Two of them are pictured below.
Bridal shower/luncheon Saturday at 11 at Stacie's house, dinner at the Omni Hotel at 7 and then partying in Dallas somewhere. Kristin bought Katie some Bachelorette gear to wear and I am sure the alcohol will be flowing (sorry, Mom!). Just glad that I don't have to be the one to drive home Sunday, I will be snoozing in the back seat of a Honda Pilot most of the way!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Melt My Heart

St. Valentine. Some people love this holiday and some people don’t. And I am a firm believer that anyone who says “I don’t celebrate V-day, it’s too commercialized” is only saying that because a) their significant other has pounded that into their brain so they now believe it or b) they don’t have anyone to celebrate with so they are using that as their cover. *Disclaimer- Katie Webb does not apply to the above two criteria*

Look ladies and gents, I am a living, breathing, 20 something female that has feelings. Of course I would like to feel special on this day (and preferably every other day too). I am not saying my man needs to make a huge over-the-top gesture for me, but if he did, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers, you know what I am sayin?!?
Kent and I had plans this past weekend. He was going to the OSU/OU game (Go Pokes!!!!) with his pops and I was going to run my first 10k.

I was so nervous. I had never run that far in my life and I knew I could do it, I just needed to make myself. The race went so well, I finished in just over 1 hr 10 min and I felt awesome! My right hip is sore still but I think I need some new insoles and that might help. So now that I know I can run that far, I am excited for my next 10k!
After the race, I went home and relaxed before getting ready to go see the boy (excuse me, man-my uncle said I can’t call him a boy). I tried on 15631786 different outfits, looking for the perfect “look” for V-day. I didn’t have to make any plans for this night and I was so thrilled that Kent took the initiative and made me feel special by making plans for us. I decided to get Kent some cookies from Merritt’s bakery in Tulsa. He has a crazy sweet tooth and I ordered him a dozen cookies and picked out his favorites.

When I arrived at Kent’s, I was greeted by Red (the dog) and Kent all dressed up in a blue shirt, Levi’s and boots. He looked handsome. After a kiss and I hug, I handed him his cookies and I could literally see his mouth start watering. I ran upstairs to put my bag up and when I came down, Kent was standing in the dining room. That sweet, sweet boy (man) had gotten me flowers.
In all honesty, it almost brought me to tears. If you know my history, you know I have NEVER received flowers from a boy I am dating. Once, I got flowers from my high school best friend’s brother who liked me. And then Kaleb sent me flowers about 6 months after we broke up. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice gesture, but a little late to say the least.

Kent also got me some cookies but he had already opened them and eaten some. I think my most favorite thing about all of this is that Kent feels comfortable enough with me to know he can’t get me cookies and present me with the half eaten box and I will still love it.

Before dinner, I had to make sure I attempted Kent’s snow-globe-golf-ball-tee thingy. It takes some finesse to get that golf ball on there but I got it and Kent kindly and very gently took it from me and placed it on the table so it wouldn’t fall off.
Then we headed to dinner and had a great time sitting at the bar at Red Rock and then finished off the night watching some Olympics on the couch.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tooth Fairy

A few weeks ago, Lauren lost her first tooth. It was quite the experience. First, Bryan (Daddy) tried to clean it and dropped it down the sink. After digging in the sink and Erin telling Lauren it was gone (and Lauren calling myself and my mom in tears), Daddy stuck a shop vac hose up to the sink and sucked the little baby tooth up. He saved the day, Lauren wanted to take it to school for show and tell. So here is our toothless girl, all grins :)

The Heathcock clan was in Tulsa Friday night. Erin was using her dental mastery at a free clinic downtown. So Friday night we ate dinner & then headed back to my house to invade my roomies and hang out for a bit. Allison and Lauren entertained us with cartwheels and back bends while Jordyn practiced her newly acquired walking skills. She started just after 8 months. Allison walked at 7 months. They start them early!

Sunday, I went to church with the family and worked the nursery with my parents like I have done for as long as I can remember. I met this sweet little boy named Price and we became best buds. Have I mentioned how much I love babies?

Kent was in Crested Butte this weekend for an all guys ski trip. I was/am jealous. Really, really jealous cause I want to go skiing so badly. Hopefully he will make up for it by planning something cool for V-day...

Monday, February 1, 2010

1. Having to take your car to the shop is one of the most annoying things. I think every place should offer loaners.
2. Bad grammar makes you sound uneducated. It’s one of my pet peeves.
3. I am ready for spring and also ready to have some color back on my skin. Thank goodness I get to tan for Katie’s wedding!
4. Bachelorette parties are fun.
5. Karaoke is hilarious. Also, my friends are hilarious.
6. My dog is cute and awesome and loves me. But drives me nuts that she won’t pee outside when the ground is wet.
7. I would like to talk to my nieces on the phone everyday.
8. A lot is two words. Not one.
9. My new dress pants fit perfectly.
10. Getting into the habit of going to the gym has been a wonderful thing for me.
11. Giving presents is very rewarding for me.
12. Having a dog lay in bed with you is so sweet.
13. TV is awesome. I watch too many shows but I don’t care. I am still educated and read books, but I love TV!
14. I can hear a song and it makes me think of very specific things/places/people.
15. A man with a four wheel drive truck is wonderful.