Monday, November 28, 2011

Shameless Plug

I have mentioned the site Dear Wendy on here before, and over the weekend she published an article I wrote for her while she is on maternity leave. Click here to read my post. I don't think you will be surprised at the topic I chose to write on...seems I have a little too much experience in this area! Despite a few commenters that think my article was too cliche, I hope it gets good feedback.

Soon my friend Elaina will be featured on her site and I will link her article as soon as Wendy posts it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joe's Retirement Party

Last Saturday, Kyle and I headed down to Dallas for my uncle's retirement party. Surprise retirement party. My aunt has been planning this for months, and was even able to keep it a surprise from him although family members had to come into town and stay at their house. She told Joe that Erin was receiving an award from some dental association, which would explain why my whole family was there.

The party was held at my cousin's husband's art gallery in downtown Dallas. She had it catered and also used the same DJ from Katie's wedding. We all assembled around 5:45 and Joe arrived a little after 6 to a loud "Surprise!" from about 50 people, including family and colleagues. He was genuinely surprised! We ate mexican appetizers, drank margaritas from a machine (best rental ever!) and ate a delicious Arkansas Razorback cake. Once we got some food and drink, it was time to tear up the dance floor. I loved this DJ at Katie's wedding and was so glad to see her back again. She played some great tunes and everyone danced...even my mom and my 78 year old grandma! Kyle's dance partner was Allison. All night. She would barely let him take a breather. When she got home, she told her Aunt Monica that she "danced her face off" and that Kyle taught her some "funky new moves."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Several times, I have mentioned a site I frequent called The Frisky. While this site is entertaining and links all kinds of articles, they also find a way to drive me nuts with all of their "offended" "feminist" talk.

For many years, I have dislike the word "offended". I think it is misused and overused. Maybe it is just because I don't tend to get "offended" very often. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of offensive things happening in the world. I just think our society has a gone a little overboard. Public figures, celebs, political candidates can barely open their mouth anymore with a group of people claiming they are "offended" by their comments. Here is a story that drives me nuts. PETA is mad at Mario Brothers (yes, the video game) because Mario wears a raccoon suit and has special powers and they think it send the message that it is ok to wear fur. Story here.
Come on, PETA. I seriously doubt that the people that are playing Mario Brothers are thinking, "well I should go get a fur coat made out of raccoon because Mario wears one in the game". Just seems so over the top to me.

There is a particular writer on The Frisky that finds something "offensive" in almost every article she reads. I realize that is her job as a feminist blogger, and maybe I should just stop visiting the site, or stop reading her stories. But I just can't help but get annoyed at almost every one of her articles. She once posted a link to an article about a college women's soccer team that had won the championship for the first time in school history and in her own comments in italics next to the article said "Can someone explain the importance of this to me?"

Are you kidding me?! You gripe constantly about how women aren't treated equally, and them make an idiot comment like that on a story that you linked and should clearly make sense to you, if you had a brain. (end rant). Anyway, she got grilled in the comments section, which I was happy about.

Now onto the next. Here are some recipes I plan on trying during the Thanksgiving holiday.

I plan on taking these to Katie and Louie this weekend:

Cake Batter Cookies

I making this for work on Friday. Already made it once and it was divine. And easy.

How festive does this sound?! I can't wait to try this next week
Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip
We are headed to Dallas this Sat to attend a surprise party. More details on that after we attend. Friday night we will be watching OSU stomp Iowa State. We are staying with my love Katie and her hubby Louie on Sat night. I wish she lived closer so I could see her all the time. Sunday Kyle's parents arrive and will be here through Thanksgiving. Looking forward to lots of family time this weekend and next week!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers

Last weekend, Kyle and I went to Pittsburgh. His dad scored us tickets to the Steelers vs Ravens game, and his brother and sister-in-law came in from Montana with their bundle of joy, Henry. I have posted a pic or 2 of Henry on here, but let me tell you, he is so much cuter in person. And he has the best little baby personality. He is so easy going and relaxed. Not one ounce of stranger anxiety either, which was great for me since I wanted to get all up in his face and kiss on him and be his best friend.

We arrived just after midnight and his parents picked us up and carted us back to their house, where I was happy to find a wide awake baby. Kyle gave him some hugs and kisses since he had not seen him since he was born in June and passed the little fella on to me. After a quick midnight snack since we never got to eat dinner, we were off to bed. I woke up around 2 AM wandering the bedroom trying to find out where I was.

Friday we had lunch with Kyle's best friend Dante and then went to a Sip and See party for Henry at a family friends house. After that, we went to a neighborhood called Shady Side to meet up with Dante and his wife Erin.

Saturday we lounged around and watched college football, took a nap, and then showered and met up with the rest of the crew for dinner at Lidia's in downtown Pittsburgh. This meal was 3.5 hours long and Henry did not make one peep. Unfortunately, dinner was during the OSU game, so I had to check it on my phone every few minutes. After dinner we went to Duquesne Incline and took a cable car up and down the hill to see downtown Pittsburgh all lit up at night. It was really cool, and there is so much history at this site. I was bummed I didn't have my camera so I had to take a mediocre iPhone pic.

Kyle and I went across the street after the Incline and caught the last 10 min of the OSU game in a tiny little hole in the wall bar on a TV that my grandma probably had in the 50's. What a nail biter ending! I'm sure those Pittsburgh people were glad to see me go once the game was over.

Sunday we woke up and had a great breakfast at the Gatewood house. The time change gave us an extra hour of sleep and I woke up feeling great at 8 AM. We lounged around til early afternoon and then got ready to go cheer on the Steelers. The game was at 8:20 and we got to the tailgate a little before 5. Justin, Kyle's brother, asked me what the main difference was between OSU tailgates and Steelers tailgates. My answer: OSU tailgates are prettier. The people, the setting, the food, the clothing. Steelers fans all wear jerseys.
We went into the game around 7:40, and it was pure madness about 10 min after we got in. Kyle was so excited. He screamed like a nut during the whole game and was a sad little puppy after they lost the game with 10 sec left to go.

Monday we ate at the famous Pamela's. I ignored my low-carb lifestyle during the whole vacation and ordered their famous crepe pancakes. OMG, they were so good. Thin and had crispy edges. Mary Lou, Kyle's mom, and I both ate the edges off of our pancakes and left the middle. Kyle and I caught our place back to Tulsa at 3 and came home exhausted and Kyle had no voice left from his screaming at the game.

I am finally recovered from the trip since I got my back completely unpacked last night. My laundry still isn't done but I assume the laundry fairy will take care of that.

Kickball finals tonight! Mom's birthday Sat and OSU vs Tech at 11 AM. 9-0 baby and ranked #2 for the first time ever!!!!!

Downtown Pittsburgh from The Incline

Henry taking a Sunday nap

Just settled into our seats

The crowd coming in the gates

Tailgating with Stacy and Kyle

Shady Side with Dante and Teara (Erin's bestie)

Dinner conversation and Lidia's

Erin and Teara

Heinz Field

The entire tailgate group

Rolled out of bed and grabbed lunch. She's so cute!

Stacy and I before the game

The Steel Man!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frosted Mini Wheat

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Bryan and Erin's to watch the girls play soccer and watch the Cowboys beat the Longhorns. Jordyn stole the show, of course, by being 2 years old and adorable.

Recently, she has started calling her stuffed Spongebob Square Pants "Frosted Mini Wheat". Erin said she just called him that one day, and she is right, he does kinda look like a frosted mini wheat.

The best part about this was how she said it. Not only is her tiny voice adorable, she gets this really high voice inflection when she says "mini". Below is a video, not quite her best version of "Frosted Mini Wheat" but it will work.

Kyle and I leave tomorrow after work for Pittsburgh. Meeting his 5 month old nephew Henry is on the top of my priority list. We will be going to the Steelers/Ravens game Sunday night, which I am sure will be an experience like no other.

Since my dad is on his annual 2 week hunting expedition, Bryan and Erin are going with Mom to the OSU vs K State game in Stillwater. Can you bellieve the Cowboys are 8-0????!!!

And to end on a note of adorable-ness, here are my gals dressed up for Halloween.