Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healing for Talbey

Talbey Ahlum is 3 yrs old and fighting an uphill battle as he recovers from a deadly infection he got last week. He is the son of Bryan and Erin's (my brother and his wife) best friends from college, Doug and Kari.

Talbey became sick last Wednesday, and it quickly turned into Talbey fighting for his life at the Arkansas Children's Hospital. Doug and Kari have 2 other boys, Gavin and Graham. Talbey is the middle guy.

If you are on Facebook and would like to check on his progress, you can "like" Healing for Talbey. Talbey can use all the prayers in the world right now as he continues to make small strides in his recovery.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Professional Pics

The bride posted some of the pics from the photographer and I just couldn't help but share these two.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Edwards, CO

Kyle was in a wedding in Edwards, CO this past Sunday. Edwards is about 20 min west of Vail. And it is absolutely gorgeous. Kyle went to Denver early, and I flew in on Sat morn. Picked up the rental car and drove to his friends house to get him. I must say, I was pretty impressed with how easily I conquered this task.

We set out on our 2 hour drive to Edwards. I really wanted to sleep but I didn't want to miss the scenery. We hit the ground running once we got to our hotel. We stayed at the Inn and Suites at Riverwalk on Main St and it was the most adorable little place. Main St had all kinds of shops, restaurants, a movie theater and a scenic path behind the hotel. And I got a great deal on flight, hotel, and car on Hotwire. Maybe if they see this, they will thank me with coupons!

We hit the ground running once we got to Edwards. The rehearsal was supposed to be at 3, we got into town at 2. The rehearsal dinner was at the Edwards Community Center, and they served Moe's BBQ. The food was fantastic, and it was a laid back evening. The weather was so nice compared to the heat we have been experiencing. In some freak of nature event, Kyle agreed to call it an early night so that he could be in his best shape for the wedding on Sunday. This is a rare occurrence people.

Sunday, we woke up at 8:15 and went downstairs for breakfast. Then we went to the pool in this cute little secluded area surrounded with flowers. We got some good sun time in before a bridesmaid told him that he had to be at a brunch at 12:30. Nice. I opted out of this, and walked to get some lunch at a grill down the street, and then lounged in the room for about an hour before getting ready. I wore the charcoal dress I posted previously, and a Vera Wang statement necklace. While my outfit was the bomb, Kyle had never tried on his tux. Smooth move. So his pants were about a size 38, and the adjusters on the side wouldn't hold. I tried to get them to stay up using giant bobby pins, but they wouldn't hold. He decided a belt would be the only thing that would work. Thank  goodness the jacket was long enough to hide it.

The wedding was a Jewish ceremony, which I had never seen before. The reception featured appetizers, then dinner, then cookies and cupcakes, then midnight snacks and an open bar. Yahtzee!

We had a wonderful time, and I wish we could have stayed one more day and explored Colorado a bit more.

The reception/ceremony

The groomsmen waiting

Can't see that belt, huh?

I miss you, Edwards CO!

Kyle birthday brother, Tony

Friday, August 19, 2011


I was reading something the other day about things one could or could not live without. Here are mind:

Things I Cannot Live Without:

1. Lotion: I have really dry skin
2. Mascara: I just really like it
3. Peanut butter: Another thing I really like 
4. Exercise: Makes me feel great
5. Chapstick: Continuing with the dry skin thing

Things I Can Live Without:

1. Extended cable package: I am getting used to this
2. Red meat: Don't tell Kyle, the steak fanatic
3. Car: I would love to live in a city where you walked & took public transportation
4. Caffeine: Not something that is crucial to my day
5. Facebook: Too much information, people

What are the things on your lists? I am sure I can add more to each, but we will keep it to 5 for now.

I fly out to Denver in the morning. Kyle was supposed to leave last night, but his flight got cancelled. So he is on a flight this morning, he will spend less than 24 hours in Denver before I fly in, pick up the rental car and drive us to Vail. I don't know why I am so nervous about picking up this car and navigating Denver to find him, but I really am. I'm sure if other people have done similar in the past, I can master this. I managed to get Katie and I around Paris for 6 days, this should be nothing. We are staying in the cute little hotel in Edwards (right by Vail) called the Inn and Suites at Riverwalk.

I am slowly getting into saving money thru coupons. Yesterday I sat at work and compared prices of my favorite mascara at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, & CVS. Walmart was the cheapest, CVS was ridiculously high and Walgreens had buy one get one half off. I am going to try to clip coupons and then look at weekly adds and see if I can save more dough.

My blog sale has not done as well as I hoped. Now I need to find a decent resale shop here in Tulsa. Surely there have to be some...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girls Night with My Ladies

This past Saturday, I got to spend the whole day with my 3 little ladies. Bryan and Erin had plans in Tulsa, so we met for lunch with Mom and Dad and then started our day.

Our first order of biznass was to move a TV and stand into my living room. The girls were getting a little antsy sitting around waiting for Grammy and Pappy to finish up, so I gave Allison and Jordyn cleaning jobs that kept them busy for awhile.

Once Grammy and Pappy left, I made a plan with the girls for our day. Our first excursion was to Yolotti on Brookside to get froyo. Lauren chose pink lemonade yogurt and it was the bomb. Allison made a disgusting mixture of cookies and milk froyo, mixed with pink lemonade, topped with cookie dough balls and gummi bears. Once she sat down to eat it, she didn't even like it. I helped Jordyn make hers, so I gave that to Allison and let Jordy eat the gummi bears out of the reject froyo cup.

We then went to rent 2 movies (Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Tangled) and spent a few hours at my house preparing for our night out on the town. Jordy was entertaining herself with a handheld broom, when she walked into my room and said, "do you have a towel, ma'am?" Hilarious. I realized she was dipping the broom in Sophie's dog bowl, and then wiping the floors clean.

Kyle came to pick us up around 6 and we headed to Incredible Pizza. I had no idea what I was in for. The big girls were so excited to see Kyle. Jordy clung to me. After we ate, we headed into the game room. I actually think the buffet area was more of a challenge. It's like parents get in there and completely lose all parenting skills.
Lauren had hurt her wrist a few days before, but she seemed fine. Kyle took the big girls to do bumper cars, and all seemed fine until Lauren got out and hugged my legs and started crying. She had jammed her wrist again and was in pain. I could already tell it was swelling, so I made her an ice pack out of a to go sack and ice from the pop machine. We tried to play some more games, took Jordyn into Tiny Tot Town, but she was really hurting during mini golf and we ended our game and decided to head home. Kyle took Lauren to get the car, while I grabbed some dessert the other two. I wanted my (Kyle's) moneys worth from this place.

We stopped and got some children'sTtylenol and got ready for bed. Popped in Tangled, all cuddled up on the couches, said our goodbyes to Kyle and passed out. The giirls were going to sleep on a blow up bed in the spare bedroom, and Jordyn with me. But they wanted to be in the same room as me, so I shoved the bed in my room and we all crammed in there. We had a diner breakfast the next morning and then they headed back to Edmond. I had such a good time with them. I can't believe they fast they are growing up, and I am so glad we fianlly got to have our girls slumber party that we have talked about for so long!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog Sale

Welcome to my first blog sale! I decided to do this after my new favorite blog, Blog Sales United started and I found some really great deals. Here is how this will work:


Email me- heathcock_heather@yahoo.com & state the following:
~Name of the item. Please be specific.
~Shipping address so that I can calculate shipping costs.
~Paypal email address so that I can invoice you.
~Please let me know if you will be purchasing more than 1 items so that I can combine shipping.
After you receive a Paypal invoice with the purchase price
and shipping cost, complete your payment as soon as possible.
all items final sale. 
If you are local, let me know in the email and we can work out payment and delivery.  

Item 1: Target Limited Edition
Navy, Size 6
Worn 3 times
Update: Sold! 

The blue dress is for sale, not the ladies :)

 Item 2: Studio Y Paisley Dress from Maurices
Size 5/6
Worn 2 times

 Item 3: Black Evan Picone Dress from Dillards
Size 4
Worn 2 times
I know this pic is hard to see, please let me know if you would like more images

Item 4: IN Studio red dress from Dillards
Size 6
Worn 2 times

Item 5: Alfred Angelo Raspberry Bridesmaid Dress
Size 10, fits a 6 
Worn once (obviously) 
$40 / obo

Item 6: Blue cotton halter dress from Forever 21
Worn 3 times

Item 7: Olive pull on shorts from Old Navy 
Worn a handful of times, still in good condition 

Item 8: Liz Claiborne purse 
Some wear and tear in the inside, the outside is great

Item 9: Mossimo crossbody bag from Target 
This thing can hold a ton! 

Item 10: Black Aldo purse

Item 11: White carry all from NY and Company 
One of my most favorite bags ever! 
Some marks on the inside
Holds a lots, and has lots of pockets on inside

Item 12: Pink snake skin clutch 
Carried one time
Room for tons of credit cards, if you have that many

 Item 13: Chocolate brown leather boots- Worthington 
Brand new, in box
Never worn / size 8.5
Retail $110
Will sell for $50 / obo

Item 14: Delicious black snake skin peep toe pumps 
Worn once 
Size 8.5 

 Item 15: Brown American Eagle for Payless wedges
Worn several times / size 8.5

Item 16: Grey Michelle D patent leather peep toes 
Worn once
Size 8.5 / $15

Item 17: Royal Blue Essential by ABS from Dillards dress
Worn once
Size Medium / $15
The color didn't come out great, so I added a personal picture below