Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Have Been Doing

Nothing really. Well, that is not completely true. I have been doing some stuff. Like showering twice a day in this heat and watching my flowers die even though I watered them 400 times.

Since I don't have any really interesting updates since my last post, I will just give you some minor (boring) details of my life.

My shellac did not last 3 weeks. It began peeling away near the cuticle at about a week and  I got my first chip last night. Still worth the money in my book though.
I wrote my first rent check on August 1st for the full amount of rent, not splitting with a roomie. I'm not gonna lie, it was painful.
I haven't stopped sweating since July 1st.
I ordered 3 dresses from Dillard's for one wedding. I know, ridiculous but they were a steal and I will return the ones I don't plan on wearing.
If you like great deals, visit Blog Sales United. I plan on submitting a blog sale once I can go through my closet and see what I need to get rid of.
The Real Housewives of New York restores my faith in female friendships....not. But I can't stop watching them.
I am turning down a trip to the new outlet mall in OKC this weekend to save money. I feel like an alien has invaded me.
My fridge went out and all of my groceries had to be thrown out. That was fun. But my landlord is awesome and has a new fridge in place in less than 24 hours.
They also found  a small gas leak and turned off the gas so I had no hot water this morning. Luckily, Sophie and I could invade Kyle's house last night.
I cooked dinner for Kyle for the 2nd time in 1 yr. You did read this right. You see, Kyle has the pallet of a 12 year old boy. He hates fruits and veggies, and loves starch and meat. So when choosing something to cook for him, I end up getting annoyed and giving up. Last night was a success though with Toasted Parmesan Chicken Subs found on Tasty Kitchen.
This heat is taking its toll on me. I drank water all day Sat and still was getting cramps in my feet. And I have been having headaches almost everyday.
I used a Groupon to buy a pair of Old Navy jeans for 8 dollars.
I love Pinterest. Check it out.


  1. So how is it going living alone other than the painful rent check? My faith in female friendships started to falter many years ago, which is why I hung out with dudes for so much of my life. It's also why I'm thankful to have met so many cool chicks through book group!

  2. It's going ok. All of Laina's stuff is still there, so I feel like she is just on vacation!

  3. Have you tried anything out of the Pioneer Woman's cookbook? I have & love every's easy b/c she takes pictures of what each step should look like. And this heat is crazy. I'm getting cabin fever b/c getting out in 115 degree weather with an infant is just NOT FUN!