Thursday, June 13, 2013


I follow A Cup of Jo and she quite possibly has the best links in her blog posts. Today she posted 10 Unforgettable Wedding Moments with the link to Moment Junkie (sorry for the link overload!).

Pictures really are worth a thousand words and it made me think of some of my favorite wedding pictures:

The First Look

A moment between pictures

Looking at his dad before I walk down

Henry taking in the crowd

Mr. and Mrs. announcement 

Surprising my Pepa with a dance 

Lauren getting some Kyle time 


Having the best time of my life

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


About 3 weeks ago, I went on a work trip to Louisville. It was "all expenses paid" except for the dry shampoo I had to buy when I got there. Can someone please tell Suave to make a travel sized dry shampoo?

We started out the trip by checking into our historic hotel in downtown Louisville. This is the hotel that Daisy and Tom Buchanan got married in in The Great Gatsby. It was also rumored to be haunted on the 3rd floor, which was the floor I was on but I didn't get bothered by any ghosts.

We started our first night by a walk to dinner at Doc Crow's. Great bbq and lots of Manhattan to drink! We had to drink all Skyy products on the trip so think lots of Skyy vodka and Wild Turkey bourbon. After dinner we walked to Fourth Street Live and found a bar that had on the OKC Thunder game and then played beer pong.

We were ready to go at 9am the next morning for a trip to the Wild Turkey Distillery. We toured the facility with Jimmy Russell, the master distiller. A bourbon tasting, followed by lunch and then we headed back to the hotel for a nap before dinner.

After a much needed nap, we got fancied up and headed to dinner at Volare. I didn't get a picture of the dessert tray but it was the most beautifully presented dessert tray I have ever seen. That evening of activities included some more beer pong, a really long cab ride to find the bar we wanted to go to was closed, and then some terrible karoake by yours truly. There is video somewhere on the internet but I will not be sharing it.

We didn't have to be in the lobby until 1pm the next day for our trip to Churchill Downs. We had a suite that was stocked with food and beverage and we were also given some money to bet with. Free money and I still couldn't manage to win a dime. I also had my first mint julep. Eh, nothing really special about it.

Dinner that night (are you getting the theme of the trip..eating and drinking) at St. Charles Exchange. This place was fantastic and had such a cool atmosphere. We took cabs back to the hotel so we could change and I heard someone say "meet downstairs so we can go out". I ignored that and went to my room and called Kyle. I had no intention to go out, I was tired and we had to fly out at 10am the next morning. But I started getting texts and then my boss called and told me to "get me ___ downstairs". So one more night out on the town of Louisville. We did find this really cool bar (don't remember the name) that had the best outside area.

Up early the next morning to hurriedly pack and eat some breakfast before heading to the airport. I had such a great time on my first work trip but I was so ready to go home and see Kyle. Usually I am the one at home while he is out exploring the world. This job will provide great opportunities for me to take trips like this and there will even be times that spouses are included.

This weekend Kyle and I will be attending a work event called Le Tour de Vin in Norman. All the money goes to charity and we have to pour wine on Saturday night, but the rest of the time we just get to hang out with my work people.