Friday, May 27, 2011

10 Best Drugstore Beauty Items

I'm cheap. Or frugal. However you want to put it, I like to find a bargain. I learned this from my mom. The wonderful job as a stay at home forced her to clip coupons and browse the sale racks so she could afford to stay home with me and my brother, and the foster babies we had.

I love shopping. I love buying new clothes, jewelry (nothing expensive), bath products, home products. I just love new stuff. But that costs money, something I don't have an abundance of. I use the cheap Dove moisturizer from Walmart, the freebie toothbrush the dentist gave me, and I am the queen of stockpiling bath and body works gifts and having a shower gel/lotion collection to last me thru 2015.

I found this article the other day the listed the 10 Best Drugstore Beauty Items and I picked out 3 that I want to try, even though it will require me to spend a little more money:

1. Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes with SPF 20- I have dark circles under my eyes and I always have. I look back at pics of me as a little girl and I swear you could see them when I was 7. I battle them and obsess over the circles and even though I read not to use more and more concealer, I can't help it. So I am def trying this concealer out! (Side note: I recently purchased an Aveeno Under Eye Roller treatment with caffeine and it seems to be working.)

2. L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Color Truth Cream Eyeliner- I am in search of an eyeliner that will not run down my face and make my look like a girl that has cried her make up off. As mentioned in #1, I don't need anything below my eyes making it appear darker.

3. John Frieda Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme- I love John Frieda products and any finishing cream to help combat the humidity of OK in the summer is worth a try!

Honorable Mention: Covergirl LashBlast- I already use this and love it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I just don't get it...

Growing up in a sports-loving family, I learned a lot about sports. And I learned to not only know a lot, but to love sports.

I know about encroachment, 3-second violations,  hitting for the cycle and so on. Here is one thing I don't get and it is very simple: Why do the players put their warm ups back on when they go to the bench?

Such a simple question, I know. But it baffles me. In my high school b-ball days, once I got the privilege of tearing off my warm up & getting some playing time, I never put it back on. And believe me, I made plenty of trips to and from the bench.

Some would say it is so their muscles don't get cold. I don't buy that. Most players aren't sitting the bench long enough to get a cold muscle and then pull something when they go back in.

So anyway, simple question. If anyone has a great answer other than to avoid their muscles getting cold in an INDOOR arena, let me know.

Bummed about the Thunder loss last night, but we are a dang good team that held onto a tough series with the Dirks, I mean the Mavs.

Tonight, we wrap up the last regular season kickball game. We are 6-1, with our only loss to the team ranked #1 in the league.

This past week has been full of emotions. Sunday night, Joplin was hit by a devastating tornado. My friends Eric and Torrie and their 5 week old baby lost everything. Eric talks about it on his blog
Please pray for them. Eric said it best when he wrote on Facebook: it is well with my soul.

Tuesday brought more thunderstorms, and I will admit that I got a little freaked out. I don't freak out over severe weather. And I don't know if it was what happened to Eric and Torrie, or what the weather men were saying, or the fact that idiotic weather man Aaron Tuttle in OKC was Facebooking and Tweeting overly dramatic, scary things but I felt uneasy.
I live in a small house and I knew I wouldn't feel safe at home. So I called Rowdy Red at lunch and told him I was packing a bag and coming to his house after work. He went over to my house around 2:30 and picked up Sophie for me. Luckily, the storms didn't produce much more than wind and rain in Tulsa, but I felt prepared and went home that night knowing I made the smart decision.

Rowdy Red has 3 guys coming in town to spend Memorial Day with him. One from Pittsburgh, one from Chicago, and one from Baltimore. He is so excited to see his friends and spend the weekend playing golf and cooking out. I am excited to meet them, but I am also excited to get some pool time while they are golfing!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thunder Up

I know the title of this post isn't very original but who cares! Thunder upppppp! I lurve the OKC Thunder. Lurve=love for those of you who don't know.

I was fortunate enough to go to a few games last season with that one guy I dated. Can't remember his name :)
Anywho, my love for Kevin Durant begin right there in the Ford Center. Even though I was supposed to not like him for killing us in college bball, I couldn't help but love to watch him play. I also loved watching Westbrook play, who has been a bit of a hot topic lately. They say he is selfish with the ball and out of control when he drives the lane. Maybe that is why I like him. You see, when I was just a wee little girl in high school, I wasn't the strongest or best player but I always tried to drive the lane and get the foul. I was out of control and literally threw the ball at the goal. It went in maybe 5% of the time. That is prob why I was considered the best defensive player, not offensive! Ha!

I am loving that the Thunder are doing so well in the playoffs and was glued to the TV for the whole series with Memphis. I knew Dallas would be a tough series, especially against Dirk. And Dirk came out strong the first game! The Thunder came back and won game 2 by 4 pts. Durant had a nasty dunk against them and a picture of it quickly made the rounds on Twitter last night:
His head is literally almost at rim height!

Thunder comes home for game 3 in OKC. And in my opinion, Perkins should ride the bench. He is a total jerk who likes to start trouble. He gets called for foul and everytime he gets this look on his face like "what did I do". So annoying. Harden is the best bearded player in the league. And Serge Ibaka has the best jumps, and he ain't too bad on the eyes either.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video Overload

I have some hilarious videos from this past weekend (courtesy Jordyn Heathcock for most of it) but for some reason they won't load on Blogger.

I will just provide the link to each one so you can see them on Youtube:

Jordyn is 2
Jack & Jill Went Up the Hill
Jordyn's Version of the ABC's
Lauren Bike Ride- Triathlon
Allison Bike Ride-Triathlon
Pappy and Allison playing the Wii

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 Triathlons and a 2 year old

This past weekend we went to Edmond to watch Lauren and Allison participate in triathlons for the YMCA and to celebrate Jordy's 2nd birthday, which was on May 4th.

Since the pool was too cold, they had them run, bike, run. This made me less nervous for them since the last time Lauren did this, she was changing clothes and putting on her shoes after the swim and none of the volunteers were helping her and she tripped on her shoelace and skinned her knee. She was fine and didn't cry, but it pained me to watch it on video.

So Lauren went first and of course did awesome. She moves with such grace..even when she is playing a sport. And she is such a rule follower. She rode her bike a little too far on her last lap cause she thought she had to go back over the timing mat so it would clock her.

Allison got to watch Lauren with us, and then about halfway through, Erin took her and got her all checked in. This was Allison's first tri, and we all knew she would do great. Girl has such a natural athletic talent to her.

Chik-fil-a catered the event so each girl got a chicken sandwich to tear into after they finished. Lauren's calves were killing her so we massaged her little legs while we waited for Allison to start. Jordyn loved watching the girls! Allison won first place in the girls division...and actually had the best overall time. Rock on!

Concentrating on her coloring

OSU attire is a must-wear on Saturday

Waiting to blow out her 2 candles (look at her sweet hands)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Weeden, Blackmon, Bullet, and Pete

Boone Pickens Stadium
My mom and I decided this year we would not be missing out on another season of OSU football in Stillwater. While my entire family enjoys the experience, my brother and his wife created three small Heathcock's and that makes it a little more (lot more) difficult to make it to all the home games. So last year we didn't get season tickets. But this year, my mom and I decided we would buy 4 tickets and we could use the extra one on whatever lucky soul we choose. My dad, mom, and I will use 3 of them each home game and my brother will get first dibs on the 4th ticket. Rowdy Red will have access to it as well. My sister in law will also be able to get her hands on it. Or we could take Lauren or Allison. They are actually fun to go to the games with because they know what is happening and actually care of OSU is winning.

Anyway, this brings me to another topic. Rowdy Red has never been to an OSU football game. I mean, why would he? He isn't from here and he hasn't had an all access pass to events until I came around. I am proud to say that he does wear an OSU golf hat with the adorable Swingin' Pete on it.

This is not Rowdy Red. But this is the hat he has. Points for anyone who knows who this is...

For any OSU football is the schedule:

09/03/11 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Stillwater, OK TBA
09/08/11 vs. Arizona Stillwater, OK 7:00 p.m. CT
09/17/11 at Tulsa Tulsa, OK TBA
09/24/11 at Texas A&M College Station, TX TBA
10/08/11 vs. Kansas Stillwater, OK TBA
10/15/11 at Texas Austin, TX TBA
10/22/11 at Missouri Columbia, MO TBA
10/29/11 vs. Baylor Stillwater, OK TBA
11/05/11 vs. Kansas State Stillwater, OK TBA
11/12/11 at Texas Tech Lubbock, TX TBA
11/18/11 at Iowa State Ames, IA TBA
12/03/11 vs. Oklahoma Stillwater, OK TBA

The next order of business is to purchase at least one new OSU shirt for this season! Oh, and of course pay my mom for my ticket :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

I want to...

do more with my life.

This post has been a long time coming. I was talking with Rowdy Red last night about what I want to do with my life. And while there are some people that can say exactly what they want to do..I can't. I was telling him about how I don't get much fulfillment from my current job. Which can easily create a salty attitude towards my day to day life.

There are some days that I feel like I am waiting for life to start. Not that my life isn't fulfilling, but I feel like I have conquered this level (pretend this is a video game) and I am ready for the next challenge. If this were Super Mario Brothers, I would be fighting to get to the princess in the castle but I am stuck stomping mushrooms everyday.

I just feel like I need a little more. I know God's timing isn't the same as mine so I need to make changes/additions to my life in order to feel fulfilled. I wake up everyday to go to a job that doesn't ever leave me feeling very proud of myself. When I worked with kids, even if it was a tough day, I knew that I made a difference in some little 2 year old life. And everyday I had some hilarious story of what one of the kids said. 

So I guess my point is this..I can either continue on this path and maybe volunteer in some aspect that will involve kids, or I can start looking for a new job that involves kids. Teaching...maybe. Social Adoption...dream job.