Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Year in Review

2012 has been one of the best years of my life. It started out in January with my 29th birthday. My closest girlfriends spent the day with me, followed by dinner with my parents and then a party at Kyle's house. I joked that you know you are getting older when you wear a scarf to your birthday party. In February  we celebrated Kyle's 30th birthday. In March, Kyle proposed! We started planning a wedding immediately. In June, we went to Montana for my first taste of the Montana life. We celebrated Henry's 1st year of life, and enjoyed a leisurely vacation with family. In July, we watched fireworks at The Oaks with my brother, sis-in-law and the girls. August was my lovely bridal shower. Followed by a bridal shower in Sept in Pittsburgh and then a night of hilarious bachelorette fun in Dallas. We peppered in some OSU games, trips to see the nieces, friends birthdays, and me moving in with Kyle. Oh and I had that little trip to urgent care after cutting my finger. Which I ended up losing and growing a new end to my pinky finger. I call it my nubbin.

And in October Kyle and I got hitched. I had taken 7 months of my life to plan that day. Our closest friends and family bundled up (stupid weather) and watched us become husband and wife. We had the most wonderful wedding weekend and I still feel like I am on a high from that. People ask me all the time, "how is married life?" I say wonderful. There is never a dull moment with Kyle and he makes my life more exciting and complete.
On Wednesday after the wedding, I started my new wine sales job. Best career move ever. I love it.

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's house. Katie and Louie and Zach and Kristin stayed at our house and we had so much fun. Tons of food and football and laughter. Our family holidays aren't the kind where we dread spending time together. And for that, I am grateful.

December brought our first Christmas as a married couple. Kyle got to go home to Pittsburgh but I had to stay behind and sell booze to people. Kyle flew home and then we bought his dad's SUV and he drove it home. I said goodbye to my white Honda Accord on Thursday night and I am already getting used to being an SUV driver.
This weekend we went to Dallas and had Christmas with the Webb's/Lauck's. Tomorrow night we will ring in the new year with friends at our country club. We get to be all dressed up and celebrate such a wonderful year. And we will spend the first day of 2013 laying on the couch watching football all day. Just enjoying our life. Our wonderful, fun-filled, relaxing life.

Cheers to you 2012, you treated me well. And here's to you, 2013. I bet you have some fun things in store for the Gatewood's.

Best Pictures of 2012

Here are my favorite pictures of 2012. I didn't go by month this year, I just picked my overall favorite pictures. Of course, the highlight of my year was marrying my love. And sharing that wonderful day with my family and friends.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decorating Our Home

Since moving in with Kyle, I have done my best to transform his house from bachelor pad to married home. A few of the changes include: throwing out his furniture in the den and replacing it with my couches, decorative pillows for the couches in the den and living room, adding bookcase and other various decorations to the formal living room, and new bedding in our bedroom. I have added some other decorations throughout the house but there is still so much I want to do. The problem? I get so overwhelmed with all of the cute decorations out there that I just don't buy anything. I see something cute but I don't know where to put it so I just don't buy it.

I have decided I need to take it one step (room) at a time and tackle this project. I have always wanted a home that I could decorate to my liking and now that I have it, it is time to really start. Here are the things on my to do list for the house:

Organize china cabinet
Organize top of cabinets in kitchen
Get art for kitchen
Get 4 small baskets for TV console in den
Decorative tray for TV console in den
Decorate mantle
Purchase wine cabinet for dining room
Make picture arrangement on staircase
New wall arrangement for entry hall
Art for bedroom

I have wedding pictures printed and as soon as they are delivered, I will pick frames at Hobby Lobby and start my staircase project. There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest, I just hope I can actually execute one of them successfully!

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