Monday, January 13, 2014

20 Weeks Down, 20 Weeks To Go

This past Friday, we reached 20 weeks! I still feel fantastic. I try to work out every other day to give my back a rest. I just purchased a pregnancy Pilates DVD on Amazon and I am looking forward to trying it out. 

Everything checked out perfectly at the doctor. The baby is measuring within one day of my due date and weighs 11oz. We told the ultrasound tech that we weren't finding out the sex, and we didn't even catch a glimpse of what it could be. It was so nice to lay on that table and get a nice, long look at the baby. Most of the ultrasounds are so quick! 

Tiny baby foot

We have been making some progress in the nursery. We have a built in desk in the room that we will use as a changing table. I have a dresser that Kyle painted white and I spray painted the hardware for a completely new look. And we ordered a crib! I looked at tons of cribs online and we measured upstairs and figured out that we would like it to be taller than most of the ones I pinned. So I looked more and found this lovely convertible crib at Walmart. I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger but Kyle said the good thing is that Walmart will take back a bag of chips even after you have eaten half of it. He's right, they take anything back. Plus I had a $50 giftcard so we got a great deal on it. 

Fisher Price Kingsport
I can't wait to get it in the room and see how it looks. Next up is a rocker. Our nursery is pretty large so I think we will have plenty of room for all the things required to have a baby. 

Now, to the bump. 

20 weeks

how far along: 2o weeks
size of baby: 11 oz and the size of a banana 
total weight gain: 10 lbs
maternity clothes: none yet, I can still easily hide the tiny bump if I want to and I just look plump in the midsection if I wear something tight.  My boss was generous enough to give me 3 grocery bags full of clothes so I have a few things when it becomes time. 
movement: I am starting to feel some movement! The baby is head down and I can feel some jabs and flutters. 
sleep: Sleeping just as soundly as before, but if I wake up I have to pee. 
cravings: Mexican food is all I want all the time! PB&J is my after dinner snack most of the time. Or a graham cracker with peanut butter on it. 
symptoms: lower back pain, lots of bathroom breaks, ginormous boobs! 

I bought some non-alcoholic peach sangria mix at Williams Sonoma and mix it with sparkling water as my "mocktail".  That mix is so delish. It will be so delicious with some champagne this summer :) 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Favorite Pictures of 2013

One of my favorite blog posts to do, my favorite pics from the year. Some months I had a hard time choosing because we did so much fun stuff!

January: My 30th birthday 

Feb: Wedding in Breckendridge
March: OSU bball game for Allison's birthday 

April: Kyle and I in a wedding on our 6th month anniversary

May: Aunt Sheri gets to celebrate Jordyn's birthday

June: A very sad month for us losing our bulldog but happy memories of him

July: Kristin's baby shower

August: Meeting baby Dylan

September: Amanda's bach party in Austin (and five weeks pregnant!)

Oct: Amtrack to NYC!
(this was the hardest month to pick, but Kyle planned this trip and surprised me with the destination and I love this picture of the reveal folder)
November: My father in law laughing at a story my dad is telling. We are so lucky to have such wonderful families! 

December: Our baby announcement!  

We had such a wonderful 2013 celebrating my 30th birthday, our first ski trip together, Easter and Thanksgiving with our parents (together), a work trip to Louisville, our friends wedding in Tulsa and another in Baltimore, a trip to Pittsburgh for the 4th of July, meeting our friend's, Dante and Erin's baby, welcoming Dylan into our family, finding out my cousin Katie is pregnant, finding out I'm pregnant, a trip to Austin and getting to tell my best friends that I'm having a baby, celebrating 1 year of love with Kyle and 5 days in NYC (a trip I will never forget, and getting to tell our families that another baby is on the way.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had such a wonderful time this year with the holidays. We had my entire family (minus Katie & Louie) along with Kyle's parents together for Thanksgiving. And we announced we are expecting a baby. Pretty special!

This Christmas we got to celebrate the weekend before in Dallas with the extended family. Katie and Louie were in town so we all headed to Sheri's and spent the weekend together. Katie and I are 2 years apart and expecting babies 2 months apart.

Katie and Louie are expecting a little girl. Bryan and Erin have 3 girls. Zach and Kristin welcomed a girl in July 2013 and now we have 1 more coming. We will have to wait until May to see what the Gatewood baby is!

On Christmas Day, we spent the day in Edmond at Bryan's house. Erin and Bryan got us a gift certificate for a 4D ultrasound! Kyle is so thrilled about that and we cannot wait until I am far enough along to schedule it.

Kyle and I usually don't get each other gifts but this year we got each other gifts from the baby. He got me the softest gray and white blanket from Pottery Barn Kids and I got him onesies from our boy/girl.

Bryan got Kyle these hilarious golf balls!