Sunday, December 28, 2014

What I've Learned in 7 Months

Sam has reached 7 months of living and breathing on this earth. Here are the things I have learned in 7 months:

1. Holidays will mean more

I have always loved the holidays. But having a child brings in more joy than I anticipated. And he's only 7 months old! Now I can relate to how our parents felt when they picked out our Christmas presents and filled our stockings. I had such fun picking out presents for Sam (and I didn't let myself go overboard!) and on Christmas Eve I put him to bed and then filled his stocking and displayed his present from Santa. I know he won't remember a thing about this Christmas but I certainly won't forget it.

Seeing Santa 

Being Santa

2. You will maybe have a small understanding of what your parents sacrificed 

I'm not sure if it was the holidays or what but I am starting to realize that I thought I had an idea of how much my parents loved me and what they did for me but I really had no idea. The sacrifice that parents make is not understood until you are living it for yourself. And my mother is still sacrificing for me 31 years into my life. It never ends.

3. You will buy/have more toys than you ever imagined 

I was just talking to my parents today about the insane amount of toys that Sam has. And he has never been a baby that was really into any toys for more than a few minutes. And yet I still want to buy him this and this.

4. You will realize how quickly times passes

I can't believe that I have been a mom for over half a year. Those first few months really take it out of you and maternity leave puts you in this wonderful state of "I had a baby so I have no idea what is going on in the world" and then you go back to real life, work, etc and the days start going by and you look up and your baby is sitting up and pulling up in his crib.

5. They get mobile 

I just mentioned some of Sam's new accomplishments which are sitting up like a boss and pulling up. He isn't exactly crawling but will get 1 good knee-elbow movement and then fall to his belly and army crawl. He is a maniac and pulls up on everything and then just lets go.

6. Zippyz

These  jammies are the jam. 3 snaps at the top and then a zipper the rest of the way down so you don't have to unzip him all the way to change a diaper. It has been really nice in this cold weather to keep his little nippys warm while I change his diaper. I got these on sale from the Steals and Deals on the Today show. Love that segment. Kickee Pants are my other favorites.

7. You will want to kill your husband...again. 

Kyle has a work lab in Vail, CO (boooohoooo) and he went up a day early to ski with a friend (booohooooooo) and I want to cut him. Basically because I am super jealous and I want to go to Vail and ski and not have spit up on my new clothes but I'm a mom and Sam still only wants me when he goes to bed so I win. Loser. (Kyle started reading my blog...hi honey...I love you 😘) 

8. You will think farts are cute 

When Sam is trying to crawl or pull up  and he lets out a little (or mighty) fart, I can't help but smile. Oh the innocence.

9. You will still be overwhelmed 

I wish I could say that work has gotten easier for me and that I like getting out of the house but the truth is that I still struggle daily with being a working mother. My job requires a lot of planning and I just don't have the brain power that I used to. My mom is my savior for helping me feel at ease when leaving everyday. I try to plan ahead and do anything I can to make things easier on myself but some mornings are just harder than others.

10. You can accomplish things you never thought possible 

On the flip side, I can do things now that I never knew I could. I can nurse Sam while vacuuming. I can shower, put on make up and fix my hair with a baby crawling all over my feet/legs in the bathroom floor. I can work, mother, wife and still manage to buy Christmas gifts for 12 family members and ship to 2 out of town addresses. Oh, and I wrapped everything. Bam.

Loving him some Olivia

That face. beans 

7 months
Not sure of weight (I guess about 17 lbs)

 “Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.”- Gail Tsukiyama

Saturday, November 22, 2014

What I've Learned in 6 Months

1. Find your own pace

You can see so many moms on social media, etc that craft, go to play dates, make homemade peanut butter oatmeal chia seed blah blah blah squares and feel like you are a lazy bum that can't keep up. That's not true. I've never been a crafty lady, so I probably won't start now. I happily purchased Sam's Halloween outfit and I anticipate that I will for the upcoming years. Sam hates car rides so I am never too eager to jump in the car and take him somewhere. If I have someone with me or the car ride is very short, then I will. So find your own pace, do what makes you comfortable. I've missed out on many things because it just was too much for us to take on. And that's ok.

2. Buy that baby a softer sheet 

Sam's nursery is upstairs and really cold. Every time I put him in bed, his face would touch his cold sheet and wake him up. So I bought this sheet and it is so soft that I wish I could climb into that crib with him and sleep on it. I'm pretty sure Sam wouldn't mind me sleeping in that crib with him.

3. Make yourself a priority

I know you have heard this one before along with others such as: sleep when baby sleeps, let the dirty dishes stay in the sink, & cherish every moment, it goes too fast. But sers, try to find some time, any time, and do something that you want to do. It doesn't have to be much, but even the smallest of things can make you feel refreshed. It seems impossible and sometimes it is, but it is still worth a try. 

4. Do what works 

I used to be a stickler for "how it should be". Hahahaha!!! Babies really screw with that. Give that up, girl. Go with the flow. We are currently sleeping in our guest bedroom upstairs so I can be closer to Sam in his nursery down the hall. I was not into going up and down those stairs several times a night. However, since Sam has started napping/sleeping in his room, I have lost a few more lbs!

5. Phantom baby kicks 

I meant to touch on this one months ago, but for several months after you have a baby you will feel "kicks" and for a millisecond, you will forget that you are no longer pregnant. It's weird. And it makes me miss being pregnant.

6. Rings 

Kyle gifted me with my second wedding band when I had Sam. And at that time, I couldn't fit my swollen fingers into my rings. I was worried that my fingers would never be able to fit back into my rings but after about 6 weeks, I could squeeze them on. But there were times I could barely get them off. But by 6 months (actually before that) the rings slid on and off exactly like they used to.

7. The things you will try

As you know, Sam hates the car seat. I have tried everything. Sound machine strapped to his seat, iPad propped up playing videos, toys hanging from the handle. And then I read that you might tape a picture of yourself up so they can see you. And that is exactly what I did. I didn't care how ridiculous it may appear, a nice 5x7 picture of myself taped up on my leather interior. But I was willing to do anything! Would have been nice if he actually stopped crying though...

8. Family 

Your heart will swell every time you see your family enjoying your baby. And your friends, too. 

15 lbs 13oz (17 %)
27.25 inches (75%)

"A person's a person, no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss 

Monday, October 27, 2014

What I've Learned in 5 Months

Sam turned 5 months old & I'm starting to think that life moves too quickly. 4 months to 5 months felt like the blink of an eye. Here are some things I've learned in 5 months:

1. The spitting up gets better 

Sam has been a raging spitter since month 1. The pediatrician told me it would get better around 6 months (when he could sit up) but it has already gotten better. Now, in comparison to some other babes, he still spits up a lot. But I am now less afraid he will "place his mark" on my outfit right before I walk out the door. And then this happens...

2. 6 lbs 

This is the number of pounds my body is holding onto post baby. I try to get a workout in here & there but I never have time during the week and I'm lucky if I can squeeze on in on a weekend. Plus, Sam isn't sleeping well so right now I can barely drag my feet to the Keurig. I feel like a zombie running the park, it's like my body barely works & I might hit the pavement at any second. 

3. Penis 

Month 5 is when he found it during bath time. It's all downhill from here. 

4. Activity 

Month 4 was Sam's vocal month. This month has been his active month. His legs rarely stop moving. His tiny hands grab anything within reach. Usually my hair. He is practicing on sitting up & is actually quite good at it for 5 months old. 

5. Extra Camera

If your child's nursery is upstairs but he is napping/sleeping downstairs, buy an extra camera for your monitor. I finally did that this past week and it is so nice. Now I can put Sam down for a nap in his nursery (trying to get him used to the room that he never sees) and I don't have to move the camera. Overstock had the best price on an extra camera for our Summer Infant Clear Sight monitor.

6. Take a Chill Pill

I wish that I could say that I am super chill, laid back mother (or person in general) but I am not. I can get wound up pretty easily and often feel like I am going to snap on someone.I feel tugged in many different directions and I feel like I never have enough time.  But sometimes, I need to just relax and take a chill pill. However, this time in my life is the most trying (and most wonderful) and I am trying to teach myself how to just do what I can. Not what I think I should do, or what I used to be able to do. Just want I can do now.

7. Feeling Grateful 

I wrote this post the other night. And that is exactly how I felt. Even when I feel like I am drowning, I remind myself that I am extremely fortunate to be living this life. Sam is healthy and thriving, my marriage is solid and we are loved. So make that margarita out of the tequila you got at work and cheeers yourself. Every little thing is gonna be alright. 

"And she loved a little boy very much, even more than she loved herself."
- The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein 

Friday, October 17, 2014


Tonight I am sitting on my couch with a glass of wine and a piece of peanut butter toast. I had never eaten peanut butter toast until I met Kyle. I always ate toast with butter on it. Or jelly. But never butter & jelly. That's weird. My mom eats it that way & I've always thought it was weird. But peanut butter toast is delicious. 

The house is quiet. Kyle is playing in a golf tournament. Sam is in bed. My house was cleaned today. I had a wine tasting so I have a really nice bottle of Cabernet open. 

Last week was rough. Well, this week was even rough. But last Friday I was in tears & this Friday, I am grateful. 

I am grateful for a healthy baby. 
I am grateful for a husband that says he misses me when he hasn't seen me in 12 hrs. 
I am grateful for a job that allows me to have a flexible schedule. 
I am grateful for friends that are still making plans with me even though I'm not as available as I once was. 
I'm grateful for a mother that loves me enough to know I need her to be Sam's only other caregiver right now. 

Tonight, I am just grateful. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


you guys, i'm so tired. i can't even capitalize. i read this article earlier today and was exactly what i needed to hear. sam hasn't been sleeping well for about a month. it feels like an eternity. i cannot remember the last time i slept more than 3 hrs. shoot, i would buzz my hair off right now to get 3 hrs. i keep trying to stay positive and know that is won't always be this way but there are times that i feel like i am drowning. today i worked from home and i was hoping that sam would take at least one good nap. he slept terribly last night so i really needed it. nope, he woke up super early this morning and then at 1pm, he had only taken 2 less than 45 min naps. woke up crying each time. i won't go into cry it out vs pick him up immediately right now (basically because my brain is too tired) but i am in the in between phase of going to him & letting him fuss for a bit. it feels like nothing is working. 

days like today make me hate working. i don't feel like my head is in the game anyway and then you break me down with no sleep and i snap. i got almost everything completed today that was on my list. and then kyle called and said we had some friends that wanted us to go to dinner and then to their house after. i said i couldn't do it, i'm too tired. and then the tears started. 

i know this won't last forever. and i know that i'm doing my best. and i know that i won't remember how i felt like i could break at any moment. but in this moment, it feels so overwhelming. it makes me want to turn all the lights out and just hibernate in my home. it makes me not want to see anyone. it makes me want to eat whatever i can find in the house and then regret that i ate nothing nutritious and feel lazy because i do not have one single ounce left for exercising. the last paragraph of the article i linked earlier is spot on. 

so right now i am going to enjoy sam's soft baby thighs and kiss his sweet tiny face and know that one day when we both sleep 5 hrs, we will wake up and look at each other laugh about how mommy cried when she was so tired.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What I've Learned In 4 Months

I'm a little late on this one, but Sam turned 4 months on September 20th. He is an active, vocal, high energy little guy. He makes good use of his time while he is awake and takes a while to settle to sleep and tends to wiggle until he is fully asleep. He is smiling all of the time, giggling, rolling over both ways, standing on our laps, playing with toys and holding them with his tiny hands, and starting to respond when someone calls his name.

Here are some things I have learned in 4 short (long) months:

1. Zulily

I heard of Zulily before I had Sam and I wasn't that impressed when I first glanced at the site. And now I check it daily to see what bargains I can find. Now, the only thing that will make it better is to offer free shipping from time to time.

2. Sleep regression

The 4 month sleep regression is a very real thing. Sam was sleeping 4-5 hr stretches and then something happened. I have read several good articles (here and here) saying that is really isn't a sleep regression at all. Sam is developing and this disrupts sleep.  We are working through this the best we can. And with that said, I have never been more tired in my life.

3. Amber beads

Have you heard of the amber teething necklaces? I hadn't until our nephew, Henry, had one. His mother swore by it and he wore it without any problems for about 2 years. Sam turned on the faucet of drool recently so I decided to try one out. This is the one I purchased and I am pleased with it. He still drools but significantly less than he was. 

4. Toys

I received a few toys for Sam at my baby shower and put them upstairs in his nursery, thinking it would be forever until I would need them. Not true. Before you know it, they are ready to start playing. It was so nice to already have some toys available for him that I could just grab from his nursery and not have to go buy any. And then comes Zulily with their cute toys and good deals.

5. Shorts/pants with pockets

Wear things with pockets. You will need them.

6. Baby Carrier

Try on baby carriers. We registered for the Baby Bjorn Original and I ended up purchasing the Baby Bjorn One when Amazon ran a deal I couldn't pass up. The original hurt my back and the new one is much more comfortable.

7. Get out

Get out of the house without the baby. I know everyone says this but really do it. Get a manicure, go to the store, go grab coffee, workout.  Do something. It is good to clear your head and it is good to let Daddy have some one on one time with the baby.

8. Get help

I hired a cleaning lady to come 2x a month and it was one of the best decision I have made. I was so tired of feeling like I was living in a pit (which we aren't) and I didn't want to spend my free time cleaning. So worth the money to get to spend more time doing what I want to do.

13 lbs 12oz  (15%)
26.25 in (75%)

Happy 4 months, Sam. You are my sunshine.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Airplane Travel with Baby

Over Labor Day weekend, we traveled to Montana for Sammi and Clark's wedding. Sam was just over 3 months old, and I left 2 days before Kyle did. I had 2 friends to help me out but traveling with a baby is exhausting! I read plenty of tips on how to prepare for the travel and after my first 6 day trip including 4 flights, here are my tips:

1. Diapers

Pack what you think you will need, and then some more. Sam pooped 3 times on 1 flight. And they don't sell diapers in airports (at least I have never seen them). I took enough to get us there, and then bought diapers and wipes when we arrived for the rest of the trip.

2. Bag of stuff

I put the following in a Ziploc for easy access: paci, paci clip, diaper cream, 3 diapers, wipes, gripe water, socks, Aquaphor and 1 toy. I then took that out of my carry on and placed it in the seat back pocket. It was so easy to just grab that when I needed something during the flight.

3. Baby carrier

I toted Sam around in our Baby Bjorn. We didn't take a car seat or stroller (we rented a car seat from the rental car company) and there was no need for a stroller. Having my hands free was crucial during this trip and Sam does really well in the Baby Bjorn. I will say, if you are in the market for a carrier, you might want to get more than just the basic one. I would love to have one that has better back support.

4. Aquaphor

This stuff is magic. I love it so much. Long before Sam, I used this on my lips and eyelashes at night. Now I put it on his face if he has redness, scratches, etc and his tiny rear end. It is a lifesaver for dry lips on flights.

5. Bottled water

My lips get really dry during travel and they are exceptionally dry now that I am breastfeeding. Keep a bottle of water handy because I hate using my drink tray and those tiny cups that they serve water in during the flight. Plus, unless you have a nice friend that lets you use her tray, you won't have room to use yours.

6. Flip flops

When wearing your baby, you do not want to have to bend down and remove/put on your shoes. Tulsa airport let me go through without taking my shoes off but Bozeman airport did not.

7. Easy clothing

If you have to change a diaper either on your lap or on the toilet in the airplane bathroom, you don't want to fumble around with a lot of clothing. We flew out very early Wed morning so he wore his jammies on the first leg and then I changed him into a onesie and pants. Think of the least amount of snaps, etc.
I wore a black tank top and a button up over it. Easy access to nursing.

8. Aden and Anais blankets

I cannot tell you how much I love these blankets. I use them for spit up, nursing covers, diapers changes, to cover Sam's face when he falls asleep.

Insanely early flight. I had been awake since 4:30
Before our last flight home. He was tired of being "bent" as my aunt would say.
Needed some room to stretch his tiny body

Friday, August 22, 2014

What I've Learned in 3 Months

1. It's ok if your baby sleeps on you all night long 

Sam has always been a great sleeper considering he has never had his days & nights mixed up. And he was sleeping decently in his co-sleeper. Until someone asked how he was sleeping & I got all proud & braggy. He must have heard me and decided to never sleep in his co- sleeper again. I get him dead asleep, swaddle him up, lay him down and the most I get is 30 min before he pops those baby blues open & wants out. 

Out of sheer exhaustion, I would just grab him & we would fall asleep with him on my chest. He sleeps 4 hr stretches like that so I'm not too upset about it.

2. Going back to work is the pits 

I cried and cried. But I managed. Thanks to a very flexible work schedule, I can go home & check on him/nurse him pretty much anytime. But make no mistake, it is not the same as being at home full time with your baby. I hate that I have obligations outside of the home. I've only been back for 2 weeks so I am still adjusting. 

And don't tell me that there will be a time that I will "be happy to get a break & be out of the house". 

3. Eating healthy 

Seems impossible. Before Sam & during my pregnancy, I ate pretty healthy and had plenty of time to prepare meals that made me feel good about eating. 

Now it's shove a PB&J in your face as fast as you can. Or chips. Or leftover pizza. I'm hoping I can get back into a good workout/ eating healthy routine as he continues to get older. 

4. The 3 month rule 

I read several times that babies grow out of their fussy period around 3 months. This seems to hold true for Sam. While he is still very much in love with me, he is getting so much better about being with other people. There was a time where Kyle could barely hold him and now they can spend lots of time together with smiles. And he is lucky to spend time with his Grammy (my mom) during the day & he is getting happier each day. 

5. You will like your husband again 

Haha! This one makes me laugh. Kyle has been such a huge part of us surviving these last 3 month but good lord there were times I actually thought I might kill him. I blame it on extreme tiredness, hunger, confusion & hormones. 
But once you get past a lot of the early hard times, you realize that A) men just think differently than women* and B) he is here to help and you just need to tell him how to help. This isn't a time to sit back & expect him to figure it out and then be irritated when he doesn't. 

*While I have always known that men are different than women, it has never been more glaringly apparent than it was the moment we came home with our baby. 

Cheers to 3 glorious months! Life just doesn't get much sweeter. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

2 Things Not to Ask

Hello again. 

There are articles all over the internet about things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman & what to not say to a new mother, & I have 2 things I would like to address. 

As a new mother, you are asked a million questions about your baby & your new life. Most of the time, I am happy to answer the questions because it means I get to talk about my wonderful new life. 

And then there are 2 questions that irk me: 

1. Is your baby a good baby? 

I might be silly but the way I answer this question can make me feel a little guilty. Sam is such a sweet, cuddly, happy baby. And he also is somewhat fussy and temperamental and particular. There are lots of times that I am the only one that can calm him. I would not describe him as chill or laid back. So part of me feels guilty when I don't answer "oh yes, he's such a good baby!" 

He's my baby. Crying or smiling or cuddling, he's all mine and I will look back on these times and be thankful that I got to spend so much time learning about my baby. 

2. When do you go back to work? 

This. This question makes me feel lots of emotions. Anger, annoyance, sadness, anxiety. 

Before I even had Sam, I stressed about going back to work. And now I have him here and I can't even fathom leaving him for the day. 

I work a sales job that allows me to crest & manage my own schedule which is one of the main reasons I am returning. The other reason is that we are lucky enough to have my mom watching him. 

But even with all of that said, if Kyle & I agreed that I was able to stay home, I would turn in my resignation and not bat an eye. That could happen in the future but for now, I am going to attempt to work. 

So, please do not ask a new mother when she is returning to work. She likely has that date burned into her brain & thinks about it constantly. She is probably crying about it. She is sad and doesn't want to leave her baby and go back to work, even if she can work part time most days. 

So just don't ask. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I've Learned in 2 Months

Sam turned 2 months old on Sunday. Kyle wanted to take the family to the golf course so he could hit some shots. We loaded up the stroller (I had intentions to walk the course and get some exercise) and left for the Oaks.

We said hello to a few people, ordered a much anticipated club special for me and took off. We got the end of the first hole and decided it was best to load up the entire family in the cart. It was so hot and there was no way I could keep up with Kyle zipping from hole to hole in his cart. We looked like the Griswald's with the car seat and stroller piled up in the golf cart.

Sam fell asleep on me and stayed asleep for the entire outing. Kyle loved having us out there and was already teaching Sam the rules and etiquette of golf.

Now, onto what I have learned. Last month, I listed the things I had learned after 1 month of motherhood. Here are some from 2 months of motherhood:

1. Breast pads- keep them close 

Just when you think you don't need them anymore, you will spring a leak in public.

2. Clothing takes planning 

Sure, it is easy to pick out an adorable outfit for Sam and be on our merry way. But me, not so easy. Whatever you can find that fits this post baby body (that is still strange to me) needs to be nursing friendly. So I have invested in wearing strapless dresses or button up shirts when we leave the house. And I found an adorable zip front dress at Target that is now my go-to summer dress. You will see lots of pictures of me in it.

3. Poop

Yes, you heard that you will be interested in poop like never before. Tis true! I walked an open diaper into the living room the other night just to show Kyle the color of it. It was green, if you are wondering.

4. Sleep Deprivation

The first 6 weeks you feel like you are doing pretty well. You don't feel extremely tired, you are on cloud 9! And then it hits. You can barely keep your eyes open, you turn into a 2 cup of coffee mom and you cry because you can't imagine one more night of interrupted sleep. And then at about 8 weeks, your baby will sleep 6 hours and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. (and then he wakes every 2 hrs the next night!)

5. It changes everything 

I once did a post of my routine in getting ready. Ha! Those were the days. I still try to look decent when I leave the house and even when I am home. I shower (almost) every day and even put on some BB cream and blush everyday. It makes me feel human. But gone are the days of standing in front of the mirror making sure you have enough volume in your ponytail or perfecting your eyeshadow. Oh, and you will get spit up on in public and not really care that much.

6. No 

That is my new favorite word. Or at least I wish it could be. My first inclination is to say no to everything we are invited to (that is optional). But you can't do that or you will become a slave in your own home. Even if your baby tends to be a fuss pot and doesn't like the car seat, take small outings and it will be easier each time you do it.

7. You will feel alone 

There will be times that you feel completely alone. Even though I have a huge support system, there can be times that I feel like I am doing this alone because Sam needs me so much. You watch your husband do yard work for 3 hours or kick back in the chair so he can relax during the movie you rented (more on that below), it makes you slightly jealous for a minute. And then Sam looks up and me and coos or smiles and I think what a poor schmuck Kyle is for not being the superhuman person that I am that carried this baby and am managing to keep him alive 24/7 :)

8. Redbox 

Redbox used to be one of my favorite things. And then we rented a movie and I didn't get to see much more than the opening scene. And then I was dumb enough to try it again! Can anyone tell me what happened in Lone Survivor or Monuments Men?

9. 5 Minutes in a Mom's Head 

Have you seen this article? I am 100000% sure that woman's mind works much faster than a man's anyway but this is so true. When Sam falls asleep I always think: should I put him down? Or just hold him? He's so cute! What's that spot on his face? Look how cute his hair is? Crap, I need to let Sophie out. Should I fold the laundry? Or do the dishes? Or pay bills? Or write thank you's? Did I eat lunch? (you see what I'm getting at)

10. Shots 

Shots used to be the 2 oz of liquor we foolishly poured down our face in a bar. Now they mean vaccines and my poor little baby getting them. We went to his appt yesterday and I was so nervous. I hate shots myself so I know that didn't help. Kyle met us there and it ended up not being quite as terrible as I expected. Although the stupid nurse lady did make him bleed a lot on his 2nd leg. He ran a little fever and was feeling pretty yucky last night but I am so glad it is over and we don't have to do it again for 2 months.

11 lbs 1.5 oz
24 inches long

Monday, June 30, 2014


11 days after I had Sam, we had our first "photo shoot". I love to say that, like we are models or celebrities.

I used Allison Lee Photography for his pictures. I used to work work Alli and she is a mom of twin girls, and I had no idea how handy that would come in when doing a newborn session. She had such a great touch! Sam was perfect, other than pooping on her blanket.

If you are in the market for any type of pictures, Allison is fantastic and provides a service well worth your money!

These photos are now one of my most prized possessions. I know I will look back at these many years from now and wonder how my baby grew up so quickly. But for now, he is still a teeny babe that likes to cuddle with his momma. And I am enjoying every single second of it.