Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update: Panic Has Subsided

In case you lost sleep over my packing dilemma, I would like for you all to know that I got tons packed last night.

All I have left to pack is my carry-on and my toiletries and items that I will use Saturday morning before I take off.

I am going to Oktoberfest tonight and I have to find something to wear that isn't packed.
Oh and my next obstacle is getting into the batteries that I bought...seriously, I understand that batteries are stolen a lot and they are way overpriced, but come on!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let Panic Set In....

I am leaving for Rome Saturday morning at 7:45. I have a bag in my room waiting to be packed. It is Wednesday at 9:00 AM and I cannot believe I have let myself get this far into the week and not pack. I should be ashamed.
I pretty much know what I am gonna take. Lie #1.
I don't have much to do to prepare. Lie #2.
I can get it all done and not be stressed. Lie #3.

Tonight is the night that I plan to do the bulk of my packing. I am skipping the gym and heading to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, coming home, putting on lounge clothes, and getting to it. I hope I can get 85% completed tonight.
Are you wondering what I am doing tomorrow that is keeping me from packing? Oktoberfest with the kickball team. It comes once a year and I would like to have some fun before I leave town.
Are you wondering what has been keeping my from packing earlier this week? A boy. And he took me to Michael Bolton Monday night and it was amazing and he admitted that he liked it.
So, tonight my goal is 85%. I can finish the other 15% Thursday after work/before Oktoberfest and Friday after work. Broken down it will probably be 5% Thursday and 10% Friday. I have all Friday night to prepare but I just don't want to wait til the last minute.

Please ignore this neurotic post. I just needed to write it out so I will feel better. But I don't. I have to sit at this desk all day and think of all the stuff I have to do.

I'm going to Rome!!!! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today I got a flu shot. It hurt. Not like I cried it hurt, but it was definitely a "stick" as they call it. And I got sick to my stomach and now my arm kinda hurts. I know I am such a baby, but I don't care. And when people tell me, " I didn't even feel it", I kinda want to punch them. Yes, you did feel a sharp metal object puncture your flesh. Maybe it didn't bother you as much as it does me, but you felt it.

Still staying away from carbs as best I can. The scale says good job. I found a place in Tulsa that sells low-carb bread for around $4.00 a loaf. I think I might get some so I can tackle this craving I am having for a grilled cheese.

Rome is almost here and I have tons to do to prepare. I started making a list. I love lists. You know that.
I will do some shopping this weekend and then I will start packing. Next week is pretty busy with something scheduled almost every night. So I know I need to get a head start so I am not scrambling on Friday night to get stuff packed.

Kickball tonight. We moved to 4th in the rankings. Dinner tomorrow night. Wedding Saturday.

Oh and before I go, let me tell you about my new toys. I got a new Dell hard drive tower since my laptop was stolen. This sucker is fast. I also upgraded to Windows 7. And the best part, went from a 17" monitor to a 23" monitor. Here is the link to the monitor if you wanna see. I could watch movies on this thing.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sometimes I post weekend recaps to remind myself of what I did. Not that I am so terribly busy that I forget, but at my ripe old age, I like to put into writing what I am doing in life right now so that I can look back and reminisce.

Friday, I spent some time alone. Which I was totally ok with. I went to the mall after work and did some shopping and then watched the OSU game alone. I fell asleep on the couch before the game was over and was up at 7:30 Sat morning to head to Edmond to watch the girlies play soccer.

I forgot my sunglasses, pardon the squint

Allison's self-portrait

Allison taking a picture of my shirt. I was representin' my Pokes

Allison taking our pic

Allison taking a pic of baby Megan's cool animal, pacifier thingy  
Jordyn had to stay home from soccer cause she was puking. She had puked 3 times by 10:30. So we didn't even get to see Erin and Jordy :( But here are some cute pics of Jordyn from the last time I saw her.

Had dinner at Tei Kei's Saturday for a friend's birthday and then headed to the airport to do a pick up at 10:30. Finally got to sleep in on Sunday and ate my first Waffle House ever. So much for cutting out carbs...I ate a blueberry waffle and hashbrowns. And I am not sorry about it. It was the best thing ever.

Let that settle in and then went for a 30 min run. Cleaned the house, cleaned my scary bedroom (see below). I was house-sitting for a week and kept dropping stuff off at my house and leaving it there. This was the end result that I had to deal with on Sunday afternoon.

After cleaning and showering, Elaina and I were ready to host our pre Carrie Underwood dinner for Amanda and Jena. The four gals went to Carrie at the BOk last night. Jena has all those pictures so stay tuned. Carrie played til 11 PM and I don't think I fell asleep til about midnight. 6:30 came awfully early.

Last weekend, a group of us hit the fair and then went to The Max in downtown Tulsa. The Max is a new bar that has all kinds of arcade games. I love Skee Ball and that is where I spent all my tokens.

Billy beats Kyle at Street Fighter

Jena and I and the typical kissy face picture

Tyler and Lilia playing something.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sinus pressure is making my dark circles worse. I wish I could sit with a hot compress on my face all day.

Nothing really that exciting is going on lately. I have been house/dog sitting this week so I am in between homes. I forgot to pack an essential item of clothing last night when I stopped by my house.

Mooseknuckles beat the reigning kickball champs 5-2 last night. Sweet victory. Let's hope for a Poke victory tonight!

Going to Edmond tomorrow to see the nieces play some soccer. Shopping tonight after work to try and find some cute but comfy shoes to wear in Rome. I would love to not look like a tourist, but that may not happen.

2 weeks until Rome!

I have cut wayyyy back on carbs recently and shed about 8-10 lbs. I really really want some pizza though. I am about to go insane for buttered toast as well.

I promise to take some cute pics of the nieces tomorrow so my next post will be less boring.

Cheers to a good weekend ahead!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 10: Confession

Day 10 is upon us. Confession day. Dun, dun, dun! I have thought long and hard about my confession and I have decided to tell one that some people already know, but there are plenty of people that may not know it.
I was gonna go with something lame like, "I really enjoy Lifetime movies", but that just won't do, will it?


My confession.

I have been arrested. 
(Don't worry, my parents aren't freaking out right now, they already know.)

Once night in Stillwater, I was partaking in some fun on the strip. My roomies were at home and I was out with some intramural guys. I had 3 beers all night. No, I am not lying.
My friend Jose asked me if I could drive him to his car because he parked far away. I dropped him off and then headed home. If you have ever driven in Stillwater, you know that the streets close to the strip are lined with cars. I pulled out from a side street and saw police lights. Wondering what I could have possibly done wrong, I pulled into a church parking lot. It's about 40 degrees, I have on jeans and pink high heels (no fashion jokes needed). He walks up to the car and asks me why I was driving in the center of the road. I said, umm because I didn't want to hit the cars lining both sides of the road. Which I wasn't exactly in the center of the road, whatever.
He asks me if I had anything to drink. Yes sir, a couple of beers. No reason to lie. I knew I was fine to drive home.
He asks me to get out of the car. Sobriety test time. I'm freaking out. And shivering.
I do the sobriety test. Pretty sure I passed. He says nothing to me for about 30 seconds, sighs, says he doesn't want to do this, and then spins me around and handcuffs me. I said, "are you arresting me?"
I begged him to let my roomate come pick me up. Nope. I mean, clearly I wasn't hammered.

I cried the whole way to the station as he tried to small talk me. I just kept thinking how mad my parents would be.

We get to the station and they book me. Fingerprints, mug shot, all while I am crying.
Then it is time to blow in the breathalyzer. I blew a .06. Hahahaha sucka! Told you I wasn't drunk. To get a DUI, you have to blow a .08. And I was now gonna get to go home. I was beyond thrilled and now I was mad at this jerk cop.
My friend Shemarr was the only one who answered the phone at 4AM and would come get me.
I had to pay $140 to get my car out of impound. Which I later was reimbursed. Once my dad found out, he was livid and took my case to the DA and I got my money back since I was legally ok to drive.

Long story. Somewhat happy ending.