Friday, July 26, 2013


I have been meaning to blog the past few days about 2 things: our trip to Pittsburgh and Lilia's baby shower. But instead I decided about the week that I have had.

It started out pretty well on Monday. I got to eat Mazzio's salad for dinner which oddly enough is one of my favorite things. Tuesday I had to take my car back to the BMW dealership to get some repairs done. This was the 3rd time I had taken it in. I was slightly annoyed by that but the nice thing is they give you a loaner. A sweet little white 3 series car that I zipped around town in for 2 days. Not too bad so far.

And then on Tuesday night, I woke up to our neighbors outside light flashing like something in a scary movie. I knew a storm was coming but I didn't except this. I opened the blinds and saw the trees blowing and limbs down. Rain was blowing sideways. And then our electricity went out. Great. So we went back to sleep and suffered through the hotness that was quickly building.

Wednesday morning brought unexpected things from my work which made my day pretty exhausting. The night we decided to pack up and go to Austin and Christy's for some lights, AC and TV. I love TV, I always knew that but man I really miss it when I can't have it.

Thursday I got up and got ready. Decided to pack up and head to the house in hopes that we would have power. Nope, no such luck. And how the house is starting to smell funky. Packed up more stuff for another night at the Hannah's. Last night we had a volleyball game at 71st and Riverside. I hurriedly grabbed money from my purse to pay the ref and I must not have hit the lock button and my purse got stolen. That was a terrible feeling when I opened the car after the game and my beautiful white purse was gone. Of course, my phone and other stuff was in there. And Kyle's wedding ring.

I filed a police report in hopes that they will dig through my purse and realize I had no cash and will throw it out the window. Kyle's ring was tucked away in a tiny little pocket so maybe they won't find it and I could get it back. I know that isn't likely but it could happen.

So I have no phone, no drivers license, no lipstick/gloss, a husband with no ring, no power at my house. Oh and I am out about $300 in giftcards from our wedding.

Enjoy your new sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyond, you thief.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


When Kyle first moved to Tulsa, he was alone and had no friends. I can't imagine how scary that must be. He didn't know even 1 person in Tulsa. He grew up with a bulldog named Arlo and once he got settled in his apartment, he went on the hunt for the perfect bulldog for him. He found a sweet little guy and named him Jackson. I met Kyle very shortly after he got Jackson. Kyle asked me if I could babysit Jackson while he played in a golf tournament. Very early on a Saturday morning, I opened my front door to the cutest bulldog I have ever seen. During those first few months of Kyle and I getting to know each other, I spent lots of time with Jackson, even taking him to my parents house for a weekend at the pool.

Fast forward 4 years, Kyle & I are "for real" dating this time and I am reunited with Jackson. He is just as cute and particular as I remembered him. He likes his bed made a certain way, he walks a certain path at the park, and he still likes to beg for ice cream when Kyle gets an Oreo blast at Sonic. He now has to deal with Sophie on a daily basis, which he does with little enthusiasm. She loves him and pesters him constantly, and even tries to snuggle up in the corner of his bed. Sometimes, she sneaks into his bed at night causing him to get too hot and pant. 

But sweet Jackson was also having to deal with seizures. They started shortly after we started dating. I remember Kyle calling me and telling me that Jackson had just had a seizure. Over 3 years, they got worse. Towards the end, he was battling seizures about every 6 weeks and for an average of 24 hours. He would have them about every hour for 24 hours with one of us staying up all night with him. He would get disoriented and would wander around and pant. It was brutal but after the episode was over he would sleep it off for a day or so and then be back to normal. We never really considered putting him to sleep because he was in such good shape in between episodes. And quite honestly, I didn't think that Kyle would be able to make that decision. That dog was his best friend. His Facebook account is Jackson Gatewood if that tells you anything. 

Almost 2 weeks ago, my mom and I were at the Parade of Homes and Kyle called to say Jackson was having seizures. I knew that meant I would stay up with him all night. We both had to work the next day so I asked my mom if she could come over the next day and stay with him until we could get home. Kyle made it home first and Jackson was still having seizures. We took care of him all evening and then around bed time, I went to brush my teeth and wash my face. Kyle came running into the bedroom and said "I think Jackson is dying." By the time I got out into the living room, he was already gone. When he would have a seizure, he wouldn't take a breath for about 30 seconds and then would gasp for air. The minute I stepped out of the room, he had his last seizure and Kyle said he never took another breath. We think his poor heart just stopped. He was so exhausted and his body just couldn't do it anymore. I read somewhere that when a dog has a seizure that it is as hard on the body as a person running a marathon. 

I will spare you the details of what went on in our living room. It was horribly sad and I don't like to relive it, even though I still do too often. 

We had our sweet doggie cremated and he is resting on my nightstand. We were going to spread some of his ashes at the park, but I am not ready yet. Kyle is doing very well considering his immense love for that dog. 
Here is Kyle's eloquent post on Facebook that day after: 

Last night Jackson lost his 3 year battle with cluster seizures. He was my best friend, walking partner and farting buddy. For 8 years we caused havoc together on Tulsa. I will miss him more than words can describe and feel blessed to have been a part of his life. If you ever had a chance to meet Jackson you know how special he was, especially to me. I write this post for two reason, 1) to grieve, 2) to tell all my friends and family to give your special four legged family member an extra hug and treat today. They deserve it for always being there at the door with a wiggly butt and smile no matter what our mood or day was like. Thanks to everyone who helped watch over my special boy for the last three years while he went through this tough time. Special thanks to Christy Carter Hannah for always watching over him when we weren't able to. 

Thank you for ready my very long tribute to Jackson. He was our buddy and gave Kyle hisdoggie blessing when he told Jackson that Sophie and I were joining the Gatewood family. We will always miss him.