Monday, November 25, 2013

So Cold

I am sitting in my house with 2 layers on. Kyle likes to keep our house at 64 degrees. Which is ridiculously cold. I remember when I used to be cold at my parents house and I am pretty sure they kept their thermostat at 68. If we are having people over, I usually turn it up a few degrees. One of our friends keeps her coat on at our house every time she is here in the winter months. And I find myself almost sweating if their house is above 68 degrees.

Kyle's parents are arriving today and I plan on turning the heat up for them. His dad doesn't like to be cold and our upstairs hasn't had a touch of heat this winter. My best friend during this time of year is my heated mattress pad. If you don't have one, (and don't like to get into an ice cold bed) go get one.

Speaking of cold, let's talk about the OSU game on Saturday. It was 25 degrees and felt like 18. I was so bundled that you could only see my eyes. But it was worth it to watch us beat the crap out of Baylor.

In other news, I took my mom to the Harry Connick Jr concert. Other than the drunk people that almost spilled beer all over her and then fell on a group of people while they tried to walk down the stairs, we had a great time. Harry has always been one of her favorites and she passed that along to me.

And then a few days after Harry, I got to see Justin Timberlake in concert. Pinch me. He was unbelievable. There were times that I couldn't believe we were actually watching him perform in front of our eyes. If you like him and you have the chance to go see him, do it. Well worth the money.

We have had lots to do lately around here. Kyle has been working so much, I have had tons of after hours tastings, concerts, birthdays, etc. This week we welcome Kyle's parents and get to spend Thanksgiving with our parents and family at my mom and dad's house. I plan on eating my weight in stuffing (or dressing as my aunt says).

Happy Thanksgiving!