Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I love to shop. I always have. My mom loves it too. But here's the thing: we shop smart. I don't spend much on the things I buy, unless it is for an event of some type and I usually end up spending the most on a fancy dress or a pair of shoes (which I almost always get at DSW). I am pretty sure I have never spent more than $65 on a pair of shoes. But I still managed to win the title of "Best Dressed" my senior year of high school.
I have become obsessed with Forever 21 online. If you have ever been to their stores, you know what a mad house they are. You could be in there for days and probably end up getting lost or made fun of by a trendy 14 year old that doesn't know why this 27 year old is in her way.
So, I can look online and return in the store. I am a huge s&h weirdo (i hate paying it) so I try to only do this when I find an item I really like. When you return in the store, you only get store credit.
Here are some items I am currently eyeing:

I am really into girly, flowy, feminine patterns/styles right now. Like this top here. I would pair it with my favorite AG jeans, some sandals and some bangles (LOVE bangles) and if all goes right, it would be the perfect spring/summer outfit!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello loyal blog followers. I apologize for my disappearance. Life threw me a very unexpected curve ball. And no, I didn't hit it out of the park. I got hit by the pitch and was put on the DL (disabled list). A list that I didn't want to be put on and honestly, thought I was never going to be on again. That's what I get for thinking, huh? I love making analogies about my real life. No seriously though, I won't go into all the details but many of you readers (all what...7 of you?!) may know what happened and let's just say I hope I am on the mend soon.

In the blur of the last 10 days, I can't really remember too much. My roommate Sammi moved to New York. I took a walk to see my new house (hopefully we will be moving into it the first of July) and this past weekend I spent some MUCH needed time at my parents house with my nieces. Those sweet girls can make things so much better.
Yesterday we had a scare with my Deeya (my grandma). Also, won't go into details but your life gets put into a harsh perspective very quickly. And prayer is a very powerful thing, remember that.
This week will be spent getting beach ready for a Memorial Day beach trip and soon I hope to do some spring cleaning of my house/bedroom. Oh and I am in desperate need of some summer clothing for life in general and work. Hope Erin and I can hit some outlet stores on our vacay!
Hopefully I will have some awesome beach pics to post next week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation and Jello Shots

My roomie Sammi graduated from grad school this past weekend. It was a long time a'coming. And I mean long. A group of girls got together and went to Stilly to celebrate.

Here are some things to love about Stillwater:
1. The town is united. There is nothing to do unless you want to drive an hour so once you are there, you are united with the people there.
2. Girls are cute, boys are cute, and everyone loves their momma. Stillwater has good people.
3. It does not smell like cow poop. And if it does, get over it. I have smelled worse crossing Southwest Blvd in Tulsa.
4. Eskimo Joe's. I don't necessarily like the food, but it is a staple in the town. The dance floor is hoppin' on Thursday nights.
5. Murphy's and their jello shots. It's a phenomenon.
6. The friends you make there are for a lifetime.

Here are some pics to prove how much fun we had.
Roomies starting out the night at Willies 

First Jello shot of the night
The group of girlies 
 Not sure what song this was...
Or this one either, but apparently I loved it...

Delaney. Old friend. See #6
"Don't stop believin"
End of the night 
Collapsing into laughter 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday and Beer

Happy Birthday to my adorable niece, Jordyn. She is celebrating 1 year of life today. 1 year of Heathcock craziness, wrestling with Daddy, cuddling with Mommy, laughing with big sisters.

Friday night, I headed to Edmond to watch at least the first half of the game with Bryan & Erin and the girls. Kent went to the game with his dad. I wasn't lucky enough to get tickets this time :(
I hung out at Bryan and Erin's and played with the girls and then headed to meet Kent's cousin at Republic. Unfortunately, they had been there since 5 o'clock so they planned on heading home a little earlier than planned. Sophie and I headed to Kent's house and finished watching the game there.
I made it Allison's soccer game on Saturday and then went to Jordyn's birthday party. Kent & I were supposed to participate in a Crawl for Cancer that started at 1 so he went to that while I attended the birthday party.
Jordyn got all dressed up for her party and came around the corner dressed in her tutu and special onesie and looked cuter than anything I have ever seen. Here are some pics to prove it:

Now, it was time to head to the pub crawl. Mind you, Kent and the rest of the gang had been drinking for almost 3 hours by the time I got there. Little did I know, they were all hammered. Great. Still had a good time. And got some good laughs in on Kent. :)
Here is the only pic I got from the pub crawl. Wow. At least you can see our matching t-shirts. 
Sunday we had a delicious lunch on the patio at Pei Wei and then took Red to the dog park. He is hysterical there. The minute Kent opens the gate, he takes off and is in a full sprint. He got soaked in the water hole and I almost got knocked over by a huge Rottweiler. He slobbered on me. Gross. 
Don't forget to celebrate Cinco De Mayo tomorrow! Nothing better than tacos, burritos, queso, salsa and an ice cold Mexican beer. Bueno.