Sunday, December 28, 2014

What I've Learned in 7 Months

Sam has reached 7 months of living and breathing on this earth. Here are the things I have learned in 7 months:

1. Holidays will mean more

I have always loved the holidays. But having a child brings in more joy than I anticipated. And he's only 7 months old! Now I can relate to how our parents felt when they picked out our Christmas presents and filled our stockings. I had such fun picking out presents for Sam (and I didn't let myself go overboard!) and on Christmas Eve I put him to bed and then filled his stocking and displayed his present from Santa. I know he won't remember a thing about this Christmas but I certainly won't forget it.

Seeing Santa 

Being Santa

2. You will maybe have a small understanding of what your parents sacrificed 

I'm not sure if it was the holidays or what but I am starting to realize that I thought I had an idea of how much my parents loved me and what they did for me but I really had no idea. The sacrifice that parents make is not understood until you are living it for yourself. And my mother is still sacrificing for me 31 years into my life. It never ends.

3. You will buy/have more toys than you ever imagined 

I was just talking to my parents today about the insane amount of toys that Sam has. And he has never been a baby that was really into any toys for more than a few minutes. And yet I still want to buy him this and this.

4. You will realize how quickly times passes

I can't believe that I have been a mom for over half a year. Those first few months really take it out of you and maternity leave puts you in this wonderful state of "I had a baby so I have no idea what is going on in the world" and then you go back to real life, work, etc and the days start going by and you look up and your baby is sitting up and pulling up in his crib.

5. They get mobile 

I just mentioned some of Sam's new accomplishments which are sitting up like a boss and pulling up. He isn't exactly crawling but will get 1 good knee-elbow movement and then fall to his belly and army crawl. He is a maniac and pulls up on everything and then just lets go.

6. Zippyz

These  jammies are the jam. 3 snaps at the top and then a zipper the rest of the way down so you don't have to unzip him all the way to change a diaper. It has been really nice in this cold weather to keep his little nippys warm while I change his diaper. I got these on sale from the Steals and Deals on the Today show. Love that segment. Kickee Pants are my other favorites.

7. You will want to kill your husband...again. 

Kyle has a work lab in Vail, CO (boooohoooo) and he went up a day early to ski with a friend (booohooooooo) and I want to cut him. Basically because I am super jealous and I want to go to Vail and ski and not have spit up on my new clothes but I'm a mom and Sam still only wants me when he goes to bed so I win. Loser. (Kyle started reading my blog...hi honey...I love you 😘) 

8. You will think farts are cute 

When Sam is trying to crawl or pull up  and he lets out a little (or mighty) fart, I can't help but smile. Oh the innocence.

9. You will still be overwhelmed 

I wish I could say that work has gotten easier for me and that I like getting out of the house but the truth is that I still struggle daily with being a working mother. My job requires a lot of planning and I just don't have the brain power that I used to. My mom is my savior for helping me feel at ease when leaving everyday. I try to plan ahead and do anything I can to make things easier on myself but some mornings are just harder than others.

10. You can accomplish things you never thought possible 

On the flip side, I can do things now that I never knew I could. I can nurse Sam while vacuuming. I can shower, put on make up and fix my hair with a baby crawling all over my feet/legs in the bathroom floor. I can work, mother, wife and still manage to buy Christmas gifts for 12 family members and ship to 2 out of town addresses. Oh, and I wrapped everything. Bam.

Loving him some Olivia

That face. beans 

7 months
Not sure of weight (I guess about 17 lbs)

 “Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.”- Gail Tsukiyama