Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stop Judging Me

Get ready, this post won't be pretty. 

To the countless people that tell me "cry it out is the best way to get him to sleep through the night", please please please stop. My child is not your child. My child screams bloody murder & sobs and I didn't bring a child into this world to let him cry himself to sleep alone in a dark room. It worked for you but it might not be the right choice for us. I have made a very conscious effort to not complain about sleep deprivation (my husband is exempt) because I know complaining opens me up to your unsolicited advice. So for the last time, stop telling me to let him CIO. 

To the women 2 tables over at the restaurant looking at us repeatedly. Yes, Sam is eating rice (basically just making a mess) & {gasp} watching some silly Fisher Price app that he loves. Sam doesn't love many things (sleep, car seat, his father during bedtime are not at the top of his list) but he loves this cute, little app. Colorful, dancing animals bounce around to music...what's not to love? Anyway, please stop judging me. I never thought I would be the mom that had a baby watching an iPad in a sushi restaurant but then I had a baby so here's to not having a clue what you're doing. Thank you, ipad, for 10 min of "shoveling sushi in my face" time. 

To the old(er) lady at the park, mall, Quiktrip, etc that says (as she touches Sam's feet) "mommy needs to put some socks on you!" Look lady, it's 65 & sunny and he's riding around in a hot box car seat in a black SUV. He's good. And he's unfortunately much like his mother- hot natured. 

To the random chick sitting next to me at dinner, shut up. It started out nicely: she commented on how cute Sam was (duh!) and then said she had a 9 month old at home. After a few glasses of wine, we ended up sharing stories of having breech babies. But instead of just listening to mine, she got all judgy. You see, she's a chiropractor so she automatically assumed she knew my  sitch (that's slang for situation- I'm feeling saucy tonight). Yes, I had a c-section (which I was none too thrilled about) but I wasn't induced by my doctor or pressured or taking the easy way out. I wanted to push that little bugger out but he had different plans. Also, HE (the big man upstairs) had different plans. And I'm ok with it now. She said several things that pissed me off: I shouldn't have had a c-section, my doc should have let me go to 40 weeks and done an ECV to try to turn him, I am an excellent VBAC candidate (thank you, chiro but I'll decide that) and my fave- if I was determined enough to have a vaginal birth, it would have happened. Here's an easy rule to live by: don't judge someone else's birth story/choice. I never dreamed I would have a c-section. Ever. Never. And it happened. And I lived. And that stupid chiro next to me had an ECV at 39 weeks, baby flipped and she had her dream vaginal birth. And we are both good mothers with different birth stories. Stop judging me, chiro girl (whose name is also Heather). 

To the woman today that commented on Sam's red, swollen eyes and said "you know green snot means infection." Actually it doesn't. And I called the pediatrician and he couldn't fit us in today. And the nurse never called me back. And actually I feel terrible that his eyes are gunky but he's not running a fever, in a good mood & I'll take him to the doc on Monday. Zip it or I'll smear his green snot on your face. 

There are a few more I could write about but I had a great date with my husband tonight & honestly this blog is killing my good vibes. Just be nice to others. We are all doing our best. 

Peace and Love (as my hippie Montana sister-in-law would say). 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I've Learned in 8 Months

I decided I should write this post before Sam turns 9 months so here goes: 

1. You won't relax on vacation 

Remember the days when you went to the beach with a book, that oil spray to increase your chances of getting a tan, and a bluetooth speaker? Well, replace that with 30 prep time for swim diaper, non-toxic 50spf sunscreen and sound machine in case he decides to sleep on the beach. Yeah, sooooo relaxing. 

2. You will buy baby food and it will be a waste 

Sam loved baby food at first. He never ate enough to finish a whole pouch or plastic carton but he was all about it. Now? Get that baby spoon outta that gunk and just give me what's on your plate. Lately I have been throwing out opened baby food because I am still trying to see what/when he will eat it. 

3. You miss things 

I have missed a few events that I never anticipated missing. Sick baby, exhausted mother, Kyle not home from work so no one to watch the baby. Sometimes you just miss things. 

4. One day does not equal everyday 

One day Sam napped in his crib like a champ. The next? Cried every single time his little red head hit the mattress. Sam is very consistent about not being consistent. I am constantly trying new things because nothing ever works long term. Except the boob, he never tires of the boob. 

5. Momma 

He said it, I swear he did. And my mother in law heard it. 

6. Doggies

Having a little fur companion for Sam has been so great. Sophie loves him and he loves crawling after her and trying to tear her ears off. 

7. There will be a blowout 

My mom (thank the Lord she was with me) and I were eating. I mentioned he hadn't pooped. I saw it as we were walking out of the restaurant. It. was. everywhere. That poor bathroom will never be the same. 

8. You will hear the laughter

But you won't know the context. So many times I have been in the other room, upstairs, etc nursing Sam or putting him to sleep while everyone else goes about their bizness. We were recently on vacation and every night I went upstairs to put Sam to bed and the party continued without me. One night I took a Corona with me so I could feel like I was included. It can be hard to feel like you are missing out but I know my presence is still there and in these moments, I am simply being a mother. 

Happy 8 months, you tiny ball of energy. 
I never knew I could do so much. 

Oh, and Amazon Prime. Get it.