Friday, July 31, 2009


Last night I hung out with my two little friends Riley and Jack while their parents enjoyed the Aerosmith concert. I picked Jack up and took him out to Riley's house and when I got there he has brushed his teeth, combed and gelled his hair, and was so excited he could hardly stand it. You see, Jack and Riley have been an item for about 2 years now. My first class at St. Johns included Riley and Jack. Riley was 9 months old and Jack was 12 months old. So essentially I was a chaperone on a date for these two. At one point in the night, Jack came running out of the bedroom and said "Heather help me, Riley is trying to kiss me." Too cute!
Here are some pics of my two classes at St. John's. You can see Riley and Jack together in one. Look how tiny Riley was... I was holding her up with my knee cause she was so little.

And here are 2 pics we took last night:

Ignore the small black spot on the pics... that just popped up on my camera and I think my lens may be scratched. Guess I will have to start making my Christmas list.
Oh and yes, notice the new bangs. They are cut straight across and they have been somewhat controversial! Some people really love them and others just kinda look at me and say... "Oh, you cut your hair." My niece Lauren does not prefer them. She made that clear :)
Tonight I am relaxing at home and cleaning in preparation for this weekend. Saturday morn I am getting up early and watching Laina do a run and helping babysit (wrangle) her 18 month old nephew Winfield. He's so cool and Laina has requested that I teach him to say "sup".
Hope everyone has a grand weekend! Talk to you suckas on Monday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

123 Louie

Here are some pics from the weekend at Grammy and Pappy's. The girls enjoyed swimming and dancing to their new favorite song "All the Single Ladies" (said with a lisp by Allison).
We had so much fun painting toenails, giggling in bed watching "The Nanny", and doing Aunt Heather's hair.
Enjoy the pics and video!

Allison and Jordyn (note Allison's crazy hair and the crazy look in Jordyn's eyes)
All tuckered out from the day of swimming
Taking a nap on Daddy
Explanation of video: When we went to Dallas a few weeks ago, Allison thought Katie's fiance's name Louie was hilarious. She laughed everytime she said it. She also likes to cross her eyes and look up at her eyelashes for a really goofy look. She started saying "123 Louie" and crossing her eyes and I had to catch it on video.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Week Long Agenda

Yay! I get to blog during the week! My boss is out of town the rest of the week so I can take a few minutes and put my thoughts on paper (or screen, actually!).

This Weekend:
Had a good time on Friday night. Ate some quick sushi (nothing too gross... it actually had fried shrimp in it) and then hit a few places with Amanda, Ozzie, Chevy, and Billy. I used my whole day Saturday to sleep and rest and then cleaned my entire house. Even though I get really tired of being the only one that cleans, there is something that I really do enjoy about it. I love to see something dirty become clean. I really love to sweep the floors and watch all the dirt and dust make a big pile. Weird, I know.

I was really dragging yesterday. I even drank some coffee, which I never do. Had a busy work day (that seems to be the theme of my life these days) and then hit the gym, ate some delish dinner, watched some TV (Intervention & Obsessed were a let down) and read some of Eclipse before bed.

Today I go to get my hair done. I think I am gonna do something a little different and I am a little nervous. But my hair lady is great and I know she will make me look fab!

Wed kicks off my housesitting/dogsitting week(end). They live out in Jenks and I am looking forward to a little alone time with Lucy (their doggie) and Sophie (my doggie).

I think I might go visit my friend Kara this night. She just moved to Jenks not too long ago and I haven't seen her house or her adorable son on way too long.

Headed to the parents after work to see my sweet nieces. It has been almost a month since I have seen them and I don't like that at all.

Hanging out all day with the fam. Headed back to Tulsa that evening for Dfest and to see an old high school friend that will be in town.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I wish I had more time to blog! When I first started this blog I thought I would be able to update daily and I am failing miserably! Hope you guys don't mind really long posts on Fridays cause that seems to be happening! I have a lot to catch up on.
Last weekend, my mom and I went to Dallas for some wedding dress shopping and bridal fair. Katie didn't find the dress she is dreaming of but we did find some that she liked. She is still on the hunt for "the dress". Below is a picture of all the ladies having lunch and margaritas after shopping. We had so much fun!
Me, my momma, Cousin Kristin, Aunt Sheri, Katie, Cousin Stacie
After lunch we headed to David's Bridal and and found 2 dresses that Katie looked beautiful in! Can't post pictures cause she may buy one of them and then everyone has already seen her dress! There is definately an element of suspense when it comes to your wedding dress.
Sunday we hit the Dallas Bridal Fair and had a great time. It was not as crazy as expected and we got lots of great information. You were supposed to check you camera but I snuck mine in my aunts zipped up purse so I could secretly use my camera if necessary. Good thing I kept it b/c Elvis was there and my mom and my aunt about lost their minds! Elvis gave my aunt a kiss and I was glad to have illegally used my camera to capture the moment.
Aunt Sheri and The King
After the bridal fair, we ate a late lunch and it was back to Oklahoma. I was tired but I managed to drive the whole way home.
Kristin and Heather
Bride-to-be & MOH (maid of honor)

Monday was back to work and that is when the chaos began. I have been working so much and barely had time to search the internet for wedding/bachelorette/honeymoon ideas.
I worked past 6 a couple times this week and I still managed to go to the gym. I am very proud of myself :)
Last night, I had dinner with Alanda and Kara.... two of my favorite people. Alanda is 7 months pregnant with her first baby and I rubbed her belly all night sitting at the Olive Garden. We sat down at 6:30 and we didn't leave until close to 10! We had so much to catch up on and I was so glad to see them again.

Tonight kicks off a much needed weekend! I am hitting the gym after work and then who knows from there. I am looking forward to relaxing, running errands, and maybe having some drinks with some friends.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today is already Thursday and I am loving it! The rain definately made me wanna stay in bed.
Had a great time over at Tasha & Grant's house last night. Jack was in my class at school and quickly became one of my favorite little ones. He was so sweet and played with my hair and cried everytime I left the room. Well he is almost 4 now and he is all boy, running through the house screaming, putting his "parts" on people and talking about poop. His older sisters just laugh at him and I can't lie, he is actually pretty entertaining. I feel so comfortable around them and love getting to spend some time hanging out. Tasha and I are thinking about taking a weekend retreat to a spa in September. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Headed to the Honda dealership after work today. My 6-disc cd changer must have eaten one of my cd's so it won't do anything but make an awful noise and read error. Cross your fingers that it is free and/or easy to remove.

My mom and I are headed to Dallas for some wedding dress shopping with Katie, Sheri, Kristin, and Stacie this weekend. I am so excited! I hope Kate finds something she likes.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Uneventful 4th

Well, Monday is here again. Blah. My boss is off work today so I am blogging when I should be working!
I have a pretty laid-back, uneventful weekend. It started with kickball last Thursday and we lost by 2 runs to the most annoying team in the league. So we were officially done with kickball and we headed out to the Snail in our kickball uniforms to throw back a few. Well, it was boring and we were not dressed in "hoochie style" like all the other ladies there so Sammi and I decided to hit the hay early to rest up for the sure to be wild weekend ahead.
Friday rolls around and we are both awake by 8 am and Sammi strolls in my room to tell me that her boyfriend (who has recently moved to NY) called her in the middle of the night and purchased her a ticket to NY for the weekend and she was leaving that afternoon. Two things go through my mind:
1. Dang, now I have to spend the weekend all alone cause my other roomie is out of town
2. Where is my bf that will buy me a plane ticket to NY in the middle of the night cause he misses me so much?

Well, I have to be happy for her so I help her get all her stuff together and hug her as I leave to go to a pool party an hour away all by myself (well with 2 boys).
Pool party was ok. Nothing too exciting but still a good time. Didn't get back to my house til about 10:45 so I decided to put on some comfy shorts, eat some Ramen noodles and call it a night. Surely the next day would be more exciting, right?
Wrong! Well, I take that back. I had plans to take a book, some lunch, and myself over to my roomie's parents pool and sun myself all day in solitude. But of course it would have to rain on the day I have that planned. So my momma stepped in and came to Tulsa and we did some retail therapy. Got lots of cute new things and thanks to my momma, I got a new comforter and sheets. So we had lunch at Los Cabos and then headed to Wal Mart where for some reason my mother and I can always manage to spend a small fortune.
Went to a friends house for a BBQ later that evening and then headed out to Bruhouse with the crew of guys (I was the only girl... which would normally be great for me, but not with this group). Called it early again that night and came home to my dog and some late night TV.
When I woke up yesterday, I had a few things on my mind.
1. I want to completely redo my house.
2. I want to watch a movie.

So I did. I watched 3 movies yesterday! I haven't watched that many movies in one day in my life! I watched The Dark Knight, Taken (oh Paris, how I love you) and Twilight. Definately could have done without Twilight. Book was way better. Ordered a pizza & relaxed all day.
Now back to work and looking forward to Dallas again this weekend for dress shopping and bridal fair.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long Weekend Behind Me and One Coming Up

Hello ladies and gents. I apologize for the lack of blogging. There are 2 reasons for this lack of blogging:
1. My co-worker Amber is gone to Florida this week so I am doing double duty at work and have been swamped.
2. My boss probably wonders why my fingers are constantly clicking away at my desk but he is not receiving emails from me. So I have to keep my personal blogging to a minimum during the 8-5.

Anywho, spent last weekend in Dallas with the family. I love them. It's that simple. My mom, dad, grandma, her 2 dogs, and myself headed to Heath, TX last Friday at 5:30. The trip was not bad and we got there pretty quickly after I took the keys from my dad during a gas stop and put my lead foot on the pedal.

First thing I did when I got there was gave my nieces (they were already there) a big hug and kiss and stole the baby from my aunt or whoever was holding her. I tend to do that anytime I want. If someone is holding her (especially my mom) I just take her. She loves her Aunt Heather and I know she wants me to do this! :)
Then I made my way to my bestest cousin Katie Lee to give her a hug, congratulate her on the engagement and then looked at her ring. Beautiful! Then I eventually stole it and wore it til she literally ripped if off my hand.
Saturday we swam in the pool all day and I of course got my once a year sunburn out of the way. My nose is starting to peel now. After some relaxing in the pool, the ladies of the family decided to go look at some reception sites in the greater Dallas area. Nothing is close in that town so every where we drive takes at least 30 min. But great news.... we found a great reception site and once Katie took a vote from all of us, she decided to book it! Now... only to find the ceremony site.
We had dinner at the house that night and just relaxed, played with the girls and talked. Katie, Kristin and I love to just sit and talk when we all get together. And it never fails, I always hear at least once from someone "So when are you gonna move down here?"
Sunday we headed to the delicious restuarant Gloria's for lunch before heading home. I hate leaving but the good part is that I am going back in 2 weeks with my mom so all the ladies can go to a bridal fair in Dallas. I want to be there as much as I can. After all, I AM the maid of honor. I love saying that!

So, no work tomorrow. Woo-hoo! Kickball playoffs round 2 tonight. Playing a team I really really wanna beat (Nattie, this is Chad P's team). Then out to celebrate our impending victory with pizza and beer. Tomorrow will be spent at Chevy's pool and what the rest of the weekend brings....well we will just have to wait and see!
Katie & I lounging in the pool
Grabbing Allison for a pic before she jumps in again
My brother posing like a Greek statue
This is hilarious.. my grandpa who just turned 79 years old in the middle of a water gun fight with all the men in the family. They were having so much fun and cracking all of us up!