Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Uneventful 4th

Well, Monday is here again. Blah. My boss is off work today so I am blogging when I should be working!
I have a pretty laid-back, uneventful weekend. It started with kickball last Thursday and we lost by 2 runs to the most annoying team in the league. So we were officially done with kickball and we headed out to the Snail in our kickball uniforms to throw back a few. Well, it was boring and we were not dressed in "hoochie style" like all the other ladies there so Sammi and I decided to hit the hay early to rest up for the sure to be wild weekend ahead.
Friday rolls around and we are both awake by 8 am and Sammi strolls in my room to tell me that her boyfriend (who has recently moved to NY) called her in the middle of the night and purchased her a ticket to NY for the weekend and she was leaving that afternoon. Two things go through my mind:
1. Dang, now I have to spend the weekend all alone cause my other roomie is out of town
2. Where is my bf that will buy me a plane ticket to NY in the middle of the night cause he misses me so much?

Well, I have to be happy for her so I help her get all her stuff together and hug her as I leave to go to a pool party an hour away all by myself (well with 2 boys).
Pool party was ok. Nothing too exciting but still a good time. Didn't get back to my house til about 10:45 so I decided to put on some comfy shorts, eat some Ramen noodles and call it a night. Surely the next day would be more exciting, right?
Wrong! Well, I take that back. I had plans to take a book, some lunch, and myself over to my roomie's parents pool and sun myself all day in solitude. But of course it would have to rain on the day I have that planned. So my momma stepped in and came to Tulsa and we did some retail therapy. Got lots of cute new things and thanks to my momma, I got a new comforter and sheets. So we had lunch at Los Cabos and then headed to Wal Mart where for some reason my mother and I can always manage to spend a small fortune.
Went to a friends house for a BBQ later that evening and then headed out to Bruhouse with the crew of guys (I was the only girl... which would normally be great for me, but not with this group). Called it early again that night and came home to my dog and some late night TV.
When I woke up yesterday, I had a few things on my mind.
1. I want to completely redo my house.
2. I want to watch a movie.

So I did. I watched 3 movies yesterday! I haven't watched that many movies in one day in my life! I watched The Dark Knight, Taken (oh Paris, how I love you) and Twilight. Definately could have done without Twilight. Book was way better. Ordered a pizza & relaxed all day.
Now back to work and looking forward to Dallas again this weekend for dress shopping and bridal fair.

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