Friday, July 31, 2009


Last night I hung out with my two little friends Riley and Jack while their parents enjoyed the Aerosmith concert. I picked Jack up and took him out to Riley's house and when I got there he has brushed his teeth, combed and gelled his hair, and was so excited he could hardly stand it. You see, Jack and Riley have been an item for about 2 years now. My first class at St. Johns included Riley and Jack. Riley was 9 months old and Jack was 12 months old. So essentially I was a chaperone on a date for these two. At one point in the night, Jack came running out of the bedroom and said "Heather help me, Riley is trying to kiss me." Too cute!
Here are some pics of my two classes at St. John's. You can see Riley and Jack together in one. Look how tiny Riley was... I was holding her up with my knee cause she was so little.

And here are 2 pics we took last night:

Ignore the small black spot on the pics... that just popped up on my camera and I think my lens may be scratched. Guess I will have to start making my Christmas list.
Oh and yes, notice the new bangs. They are cut straight across and they have been somewhat controversial! Some people really love them and others just kinda look at me and say... "Oh, you cut your hair." My niece Lauren does not prefer them. She made that clear :)
Tonight I am relaxing at home and cleaning in preparation for this weekend. Saturday morn I am getting up early and watching Laina do a run and helping babysit (wrangle) her 18 month old nephew Winfield. He's so cool and Laina has requested that I teach him to say "sup".
Hope everyone has a grand weekend! Talk to you suckas on Monday!

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  1. Those kids look like a mess....and they've gotten so big!