Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today is already Thursday and I am loving it! The rain definately made me wanna stay in bed.
Had a great time over at Tasha & Grant's house last night. Jack was in my class at school and quickly became one of my favorite little ones. He was so sweet and played with my hair and cried everytime I left the room. Well he is almost 4 now and he is all boy, running through the house screaming, putting his "parts" on people and talking about poop. His older sisters just laugh at him and I can't lie, he is actually pretty entertaining. I feel so comfortable around them and love getting to spend some time hanging out. Tasha and I are thinking about taking a weekend retreat to a spa in September. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Headed to the Honda dealership after work today. My 6-disc cd changer must have eaten one of my cd's so it won't do anything but make an awful noise and read error. Cross your fingers that it is free and/or easy to remove.

My mom and I are headed to Dallas for some wedding dress shopping with Katie, Sheri, Kristin, and Stacie this weekend. I am so excited! I hope Kate finds something she likes.

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