Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gym Bandit

2 summers ago, I paid over a $100 to complete a St. John's boot camp. At that time, I had a membership at another Tulsa gym that I didn't really care for. I loved St. John's close proximity and the staff there was great. My charming personality got me a free trial membership that the fellas at the front desk kept renewing, and renewing and renewing. For 2 years they renewed. I know, I know, it was wrong to work the system for a free gym membership at one of the most expensive gyms in town but can you blame a girl?!
So 2 weeks ago, I got a call from one of the front desk boys asking if I would be at the gym today. Apparently someone made an anonymous phone call and said a blond girl named Heather Heathcock was sneaking into the gym and they needed to catch me! What??! A). Who would know my name and tell on me like that? B). I was not sneaking into the gym. I had a legit short-term membership card that I presented everyday at the gym C). The responsibility really lies on the staff at St. John's for letting me work out there for free for 2 years.
I told gym boy that I would lay low for the week & would give them time to figure out what they wanted to do. Oh and let me remind you that I offered to sign up and pay the fees several times and they told me I didn't have to.
I haven't been back to the gym for 2 weeks and I have been running outside and doing workout DVD's at home. And I have been enjoying, much to my surprise. However, it is going to get hot this summer and I won't be able to stand running outside and sweating my life away.
So here is my dilemma, do I just give in and join St. John's and pay the ridiculous fees or shop around for a cheaper, less cool gym?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Let me please recap Friday for you. My boss was off work. I had plenty to do to keep me busy. I needed to leave for OKC at 5:00 on the dot so I planned on taking a 30 min lunch and eating and then 30 min later to go home and get Sophie and leave her in the car for about an hour at the end of the day. Well I took the 30 min and ate and went and got gas in my car. And then I came back and immediately went into some training for our new database system. The training didn't end until 4:20. Mind you, I still had 30 min of lunch I needed to take. So the logical thing would be to leave at 4:30. I went down to HR and told her and made sure it was ok that I left. I got this answer "well do what you have to do." Excuse me. I mean, I understand that you don't want people skipping lunch and leaving early or anything but come on, I work my tush off everyday; the least you could do is let me go home and get my freakin dog so I can hit the road and make it to OKC in time. I am just get so annoyed with people and their rules that don't apply to anyone in sales but definitely apply to me, one of the most reliable and hardest working people in the company.
Ok, I am off my rant.

So I got to leave at 4:35 and headed home to get Sophie. We hit the road to OKC at 4:46 from my driveway. Kent and I had plans to go to the Arts Festival in downtown OKC. It was only open until 9 so we really needed to hurry and get down there. I made it in time to even change clothes and freshen up my makeup. I had printed out a menu and we knew exactly what we wanted to eat and which booth to hit first. Planning is my middle name.
My favorite item of the evening was a lemon curd crepe with blueberry compote. I fell in love with crepes when I was a teenager. In French class, we studied French food and I asked my mom if we could make crepes. So we got a recipe and made them and I was so proud of us. And then when I was 16, we went on a cruise and they had a free crepe bar and you could put any and everything on them and I was in heaven. And then, I went to Paris. Say no more. Crepes at every corner. Heaven. I love you, Paris.
So we took in some art and strolled around in the beautiful weather. After the arts festival, we met some friends at a bar. Liz's mom was in town to watch her run the half marathon on Sunday. We decided to go to a place called Groovy's and hit up the dance floor. And if you know me, you know I cannot resist a dance floor.
8:30 AM came awful early the next morning. I was up and ready to go see the girls play soccer. I spent most of the morning/afternoon with them while Kent played golf. And then I headed back to his house to take a nap. 2.5 hours of a nap, thank you very much. Me, 2 dogs, a Snuggie and the couch. Glorious.
Got up and decided I better shower before the boo boo got back from golf. We were headed to the Thunder/Lakers game that night. Oh yeah.
Thunder beat the Laker 110-89. Take that you cheater, Kobe. The Thunder is so much fun to watch. Game 5 is crucial. Whoever wins Game 5, 83% of the time goes on to win the series.

Sunday morning, Kent made us waffles and bacon. I love bacon so much. The smell is intoxicating. I want some right now. Then Kent headed to El Reno to play golf while I took a nap on his couch and then headed home later that afternoon. Now it's off to face the work week and a doctor's appointment Thursday for my sinus headaches and back to OKC on Friday again. Does I-44 offer frequent driver miles??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

But I Won't Do That...

Fabulous weekend.
We had our first kickball game last Thursday. We won. I think we actually tied, but the home plate ump said we won, so we will take it! The random people that got put on our team are actually pretty cool, and decent too. However, they are Sooner alum. Gag me. I wore an OSU shirt to the fields since we didn't have our team shirts yet. I am such a brat :)
Friday night I came home from work and changed and then hit up Gap and Target. Gap has some great stuff on sale right now (honestly, when don't they have a sale). I got some new shirts and sweaters for next winter/fall for super cheapo. And then I went to Walmart and did my weekly grocery shopping. Thank goodness I got that out of the way since I am never home on the weekends anymore to do that kind of stuff.
I also got my spring/summer clothes out of the garage and steamed everything and hung it up. It was a very productive Friday night!
Saturday my mom and I went shopping & had a great lunch at Los Cabos. I love getting to spend some one-on-one time with her. Makes me so thankful for having the great mother-daughter relationship that we have.
After shopping, I headed to OKC. I swear I could make the drive blind-folded by now. Kent & I went to Target and Lowe's. Used to hate Lowe's but now I can appreciate it a little more. But I still love Target way way more.
Then it was a late dinner at Red Rock. Kent's go-to restaurant when he can't think of any where else to go. Ok by me, seeing as how they have delicious food. Below is a picture of what I ordered:
I ordered meatloaf. Keep in mind, I have never eaten meatloaf in my life. Ever. The thought of meatloaf never sounded good because the only place I had ever seen it served was at school (gag me) and Wednesday nights at church (double gag me). And I am not that big of a fan of ketchup smeared all over my food. Sorry, Kathy!
However, the meatloaf at Red Rock was divine. And the carrots are so tasty too! Kent ordered us a bottle of wine and we also got dessert. What a wonderful date night :)
Sunday, we headed to Republic to watch the Thunder game with Josh, Liz, Jordan, & Chevy. The food there was bomb.com too! Had a pretzel with beer-cheese fondue, and serrano honey mustard. Good. Burger with white cheddar, pickle relish and hickory smoked sauce. Better.
After a long day out and about (we hit up The Sip for some drinks after the game), I headed home around 9:30. Way too late for me to be driving home but I did it. And don't worry, I wasn't drinking all day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Fling

That title doesn't really mean anything in particular. I just like that phrase.
Here is what spring means to me:

1. A warm light breeze
2. A nice cold beer in the evening while watching TV
3. Patios, patios, patios
4. Tank tops and sandals
5. Windows open (brings in more dust but I love the open window feel)
6. Sundresses and cardigans
7. Ice cream
8. Sunroofs
9. Sunglasses
10. Happiness :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dan's Birthday Party

Oh Monday. Why do you continually come into my life and anger me? I just want to sleep in one more day, lay on the couch a bit and not have to go to work and pretend I am ready to face the work week.
This is usually how my Monday's go:

Wake up: 6:30 am and ask Sophie why I have to get up ( I really do ask her)
Shower, get dressed for work, try to look presentable when all I want to do is wear leggings and a tank top with a jacket. Not work appropriate.
Head to work at 7:35. Speak my first words to a human at around 7:50.
Make it through the morning without any caffeine. That's right folks. This girl doesn't drink caffeine. I don't want to be become dependent on something like that.
Go home for lunch and pack my gym bag so that I have no excuse to not go right after work.
Head to the gym, maybe hit the tanning bed, then to Wal-mart to get some groceries for the week and finally head home around 7:30 and cook an easy dinner. Enjoy a little TV, a phone convo with Kent and then a shower, and I hit the hay. No glamorous or fun about it. Just a normal day, routine day that I consistently experience.
Saturday night Kent and I went to Dan's 30th birthday party at his house. We had lots of friends there and the weather was beautiful. We sat outside and enjoyed some beers on the patio and as the night progressed and people went home, we moved the party inside and had a great time hanging out with friends.
Heather, Jena & the birthday boy! 
Jena brought cupcakes from Merritt's and one of them had a Diva ring on it. I have been wearing it for 2 days.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Low Key Weekend

I am so looking forward to a weekend of no travel and still seeing Kent!

Tonight is a going away party for my good pal Danny. He is moving to San Antonio for work. Full Moon on 15th St is the place for dinner and they have a great patio, doubt we will be out there but I can always hope!

Saturday morning I will be up and at 'em to start cleaning the house. I know I shouldn't look forward to it but I really am. I love scrubbing and seeing things come clean. No, I am not for hire. I have a hard enough time keeping my little house clean. But with 2 dogs and one very hairy visiting dog, it can get pretty nasty.
After the cleaning spree, I might do some retail therapy at Utica Square. Hit up the good ole Gap.
Then Kent will probably be rolling into T-town around that time. We can get some lunch, maybe lounge around on a patio in the sun and then get ready for our buddy Dan's 30th birthday party.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy some of this nice weather we will be having. Pretty soon it will be 100 degrees and miserable!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Growing Too Fast

My oldest niece Lauren turned 6 years old Sunday. Six??!! How is that possible. I remember when they told me that Erin was pregnant. I literally jumped for joy. I had waited my whole life to have a sister-in-law and some nieces or nephews. From the minute Lauren was born, she was my mini me. I held her all the time. We slept together when I stayed, she rode beside me in the car, we always sat next to each other at restaurants. Nothing has changed. She still is in my shadow, except now she is 6 and cops a little more attitude than she used to!

Saturday, Kent & I went to Edmond to her birthday party. There were no boys invited except Daddy, Pappy, Uncle Justin and Kent. The party kicked off with some sweet dance moves. The crafts were next and then egg races in the backyard.
 Allison riding her bike before the party

Sweet Jordyn patting her baby to sleep

Lauren and Grammy

Aunt Heather and her favorite girls
Dance Party!
 Birthday Girl 
 Trying to get Jordyn to dance with her 
Look at these sweet pics of Lauren when she was a baby: 
 One of my most favorite pics ever. I still have it framed

Sunday, Kent & I rode with his sister and brother-in-law out to his parents ranch in BFE (if you don't know what that means, Google it). I swear we were in the car for 85 hours. But once we got there it was worth it. We had delicious food and the dogs ran free (had to have Kent's dad get on the 4 wheeler and go find Sophie cause I thought an eagle might carry her off). And I shot my first handgun. Oh yes, people. Kent says I am a true American now. I didn't hit the target but I swear if it had been a full-sized person, I would have capped them! 
 Kent's dog Red as the Easter Bunny