Saturday, January 19, 2013

30 Great Moments

On Tuesday I will turn 30 years old. I have been thinking recently about how wonderful my 30 years have been. Here are 30 great moments in my life to date:

1. Being born on January 22nd. Obviously this was the start of something great.
2. Moving to Stillwater. What a fun time that was in my life.
3. My brother getting married.
4. Traveling to Paris with Katie. Best vacation of my life.
5. Graduating college.
6. Living with Sammi and Elaina. We had too much fun.
7. Meeting Kyle in 2006.
8. Lauren arriving on 4-4-04.
9. Allison arriving on 3-3-06.
10. Jordyn arriving 5-4-09.
11. Going to Rome with my Deeya, Mom and Aunt Sheri.
12. Flying alone for the first time ever to see my brother in Florida.
13. Being maid of honor in Katie's wedding.
14. Rekindling with Kyle 4 years after meeting him.
15. Vacationing on the beach with Bryan, Erin and the girls.
16. Seeing the beautiful scenery in Montana.
17. Meeting Henry for the first time.
18. Graduating high school with 103 fever, being put in the hospital 3 days later. Not great but memorable.
19. Black Eyed Peas concert with all the girls.
20. Traveling to Austin for ACL with Elaina and Abbey.
21. Being a bridesmaid when Zach and Kristin turned 10 years of young love into marriage.
22. Dancing on stage with John Legend.
23. Meeting Kyle's family. Lucky to have such great people to share a name with.
24. Kyle proposing.
25. Finding out that Nordstrom has awesome sales and free shipping. Ridiculous but gawd I love it.
26. Landing this awesome new job that allows me so much more freedom.
27. Moving in with Kyle and having access to a garage. I am so serious about this one.
28. My bachelorette party. My friends/family are fun. My bridal shower and luncheon were magical.
29. Our awesome rehearsal dinner.
30. Marrying Kyle. Words are not enough.

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."