Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Pics of 2010

January 2010- Heather and Aunt Sheri. My aunt posted this on my facebook wall on my birthday

February 2010- Katie's Bachelorette Party
March 2010 - Katie and Louie tie the knot
April 2010 - Lauren's Birthday
May 2010- Gulf Shores, Alabama trip
June 2010- Girls Night to see Sex and the City 2
July 2010- Billy's Birthday, the picture says it all
August 2010- Girls Night Out
September 2010 - Family at OSU game
October 2010- 3 Generations go to Rome

November 2010- Zach's Birthday in Dallas
December 2010- Christmas Book Exchange

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I just found a tiny piece of chocolate on my palm and instead of using a napkin, I licked it off. At my desk. At work. Tis the Season!

So, this week is going to be nuts. My roomie and I offered to host book club at our house (what were we thinking) and that event happens tonight. We have a small home, so it doesn't take much to clean, but I would give my right arm for a house cleaner right now. And we don't just set out crackers and cheese, we are little chefs. Just the two of us are proving hashbrown casserole, brussel sports gratin, and cranberry pie. A quick cleaning of the house after work and then baking the mentioned foods, and 7 o'clock will be here before you know it!

I thought I was completely finished Christmas shopping. Until my sister-in-law text me and said Lauren and Allison received presents last night from a family friend, the exact presents I purchased 1.5 months ago and have had wrapped under the tree for weeks. Now, normally I would say, sorry I know you already got this and here is a gift receipt. But I can't show up with presents that they have already received. So now it is off to Target or some other crazed store to look for something else. That will probably have to happen tomorrow night. Like everyone else. Kill me.

Thursday, I will be attending my first Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I am wearing a sweater that I wore in the 6th grade to the Christmas Eve service at church. I am not sure how I wore it then, because it still swallows me. And I am rocking some jingle bell earrings.

At some point, I need to finish wrapping presents and pack and get items at the store to make cookies and casserole.

Last weekend was our 3rd annual Christmas Book Exchange. Dinner at Sonoma and then White Owl for drinks.

Christmas bulb pen that lights up. Spreading cheer throughout the restaurant

I felt so Blake Lively in this outfit. Dress, belt, blazer, tights, heels

Christmas Book Exchange Crew 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Favorites

Can you believe I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping?! I have one big present still to get (which I have NO idea what I am going to get him), and a few other small ones that will be easy as pie.

* My new favorite place is Etsy. I know this has been around for a while, but I easily get overwhelmed at sites like this, so I tend to browse quickly and then leave the site.

But here are a few finds on there that I am craving:

Wire Wrapped Ring
Vintage Paris Blank Cards
Owl Bookend

I realize the Owl Bookend is somewhat random, but for some reason I really like owls. I think I will decorate one of my kids rooms in owls. Hope they are ok with that.

These are just a few of the things I want. I could post more links, but then I would be on Etsy all day and not be productive at work. Like I am right now.

* One of my other holiday favorites is making cookies. A few years back, I got the recipe to make those famous cookies with peanut butter, Ritz crackers and almond bark. They are so easy and so delish.

It's this simple:

1 box Ritz
1 jar peanut butter
2 packages almond bark- chocolate or white

Slowly melt the almond bark. Put a good helping of peanut butter between 2 crackers and lay out on wax paper. Using tongs, dip the cookie in the almond bark and place back on wax paper.

It's really that easy. I made a batch the other day and took them to ______'s house and he said all the guys loved them and wanted the recipe. I used pretty red crystals to garnish with, but they didn't show up on the chocolate like I hoped they would. But a Christmas tin makes it all very festive!

* And last. I love Christmas cards. I love browsing them at the store and seeing all the cute designs. And then I love writing a personal message to my friends and family and sending them holiday cheer.

Anybody else have any holiday favorites they would like to share?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thoughts for the Day

Here are the thoughts running through my head:

1. Is it ridiculous to think I could ever have a job where I worked from home?
2. Framing those 6 pictures from Paris is way over due.
3. I need to wrap those Christmas presents so Sophie has less tree skirt area to possibly pee on. (She hasn't so far).
4. Where oh where could my black coat be? It is just missing.
5. Pioneer Woman amazes me. I wish I wasn't scared by recipes that have ingredients I am not familiar with.
6. How long does it really take for nails to dry/harden and be safe for activity?
7. I wish we had a doggy door.
8. I wonder why I get headaches so often. (I know, Laina, go to the eye doctor!)
9. I hope it isn't freezing next Sat for the Jingle Bell run.
10. What should I wear tonight and how should I do my hair?
11. I wish I would have more time to watch TV AND read. Which means more hours in the day would be nice.
12. Christmas is the jam.