Monday, July 30, 2012

Being a Grown Up

While the title of that post may seem as though I have something deep to write about, I don't. I am going to write about a new bra and about my friend turning 30. And about my new swimsuit.

First things first, I no longer have my wedding dress is in my possession. Tear. I took it in on Saturday for my first fitting. Good news is that they don't think they will have to hem it. Bad news, they kept it. And they are going to take the top in a bit, which is beaded so who knows how much that will cost me.

After the dress fitting, Mom and I went to the mall to look for some more dresses at Dillard's and Macy's for her. I keep telling her that she needs cute dresses for things and she never listens, so I just force her to buy them. She will thank me later. Plus, she has lost over 20 lbs so she deserves some cute new stuff!

I had a coupon for $10 off a bra at Victoria's Secret and for the first time in my life, I planned on buying an expensive, good quality bra (I was going to become a grown woman!). I usually buy my bras from Target. They are cheap and don't fit great and I wear the crap out of them. I really didn't want to spend $55 dollars on a bra, but I was ready to have a bra that actually fit. I got sized and determined that I have been wearing the wrong bra size. So now, I am a grown up and I wear a nice bra in the correct size.
I also took the plunge and bought a VS swimsuit on clearance. I wore it yesterday and got so many compliments at the pool. Probably because I look just like the model wearing it. But minus the belly necklace. Those are weird.

Kyle and I also had our tasting at Tulsa Country Club on Saturday. I am glad we went because we decided we didn't like 2 of the 3 apps we picked out. We picked a few new ones and now our wedding menu is set!

Then we got ready for Billy's 30th birthday party. He rented a party bus and we had about 20 people on it. We had a grand ole time. It was nice to get that group of friends together again.

I was the tallest until Harlan arrived

Showing Billy some birthday love

Kyle and his fellow red heads. He's trying to be taller than Harlan
I got one picture of me and Kyle but the flash made it look way too bright and I can't get it to rotate. So use your imagination on how cute we look. 

Baked zucchini fries are new love. Here is a great recipe. I plan to make this meatloaf tonight. I have never made meatloaf..I really hope it turns out good. I hate wasting my time on a bad recipe! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I keep looking at my blog, thinking I need to blog, but having anything interesting to say. So my favorite thing to do when that happens is update you on the boring, daily stuff that I have experienced.

My mom and I have been to 2 bridal shows in Tulsa. All I will say: I wish I could get back the money I spent on tickets to those.

I am slowly getting things organized at the house. Kyle isn't dirty, he's is just messy. Papers everywhere, pens, iPod headphones, car keys, wallet, you name it- he leaves it out. I stopped at Target last Friday after work and found these little gems:

One slot holds all of our coupons, the other holds bills, and the calendar below will help Kyle stay up to date on all the activities we have planned for the week. It has already come in handy when our minister had to reschedule our premarital counseling and Kyle could look at the calendar and know what we had planned that day.

Last Friday we also planned on seeing the new Batman movie, but Kyle decided he wanted to see it in 3D so we went to see Ted instead (that rhymed). I had a blog post written about the shooting in CO and how I couldn't express eloquently enough my sympathy for those people, but I never posted it. I heard this morning that have been 3 arrests in separate "Dark Knight" incidents. It is scary how many lunatics are out there.

Lauren and Allison competed in another triathlon last Saturday. They are playing in a tennis tourney today. They have already surpassed my athletic ability and they aren't even double digit age.

Henry is getting his bow tie ready for the wedding:

And saving the best for last, happiest of birthdays to Kristin! I wish I was closer so I could celebrate with you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Famous! (not really)

A few weeks ago, Glamour asked for reader submissions of engagement rings. I read online Glamour daily and always love when they feature "real" engagement rings as opposed to the Neil Lane ring the latest Bachelorette received (don't get me wrong, Neil Lane makes some nice rings but nothing that would ever show up on my non-reality show finger) so I sent an email to the Glamour blogger.

And my ring made it on the website!!!!

See it here

Holla! I read some of the comments this morning (and yes, I "anonymously" commented that I liked my ring the most, duh) and only 2 people said they liked it. Whatever. Everyone likes the 2nd one on the blog. Which is kinda vintage looking, and if you read anything related to weddings right now, you will know that vintage and lace and DIY and are huge right now.

Monday, July 9, 2012


My move is complete and I feel like I am normal again. Why? Because I finally got a nightstand. Kyle's bedroom set is Pottery Barn and I wasn't about to go spend $300 on a nightstand there. So we took one of his drawers and matched the color at Mathis Brothers and got this baby:

It is 1 inch shorter than Kyle's and it is a little shorter than I wanted but I think I can easily find some risers for it. It matches almost perfectly so I can't complain, and it was less than $125. Holla. Now all of my stuff isn't piled on a shelf next to the bed.

Along with that extremely exciting news, Allison lost her front tooth on their trip to St. Louis this weekend.
These toothless pics never get old to me.

We also crossed one more wedding related item off the list. Daddy-O got a new suit (and we ordered flower girl dresses!). Here he is looking fresh:

Scored a major deal on a Michael Kors suit at Macy's. And just for fun, I took this pic the other night. I loved the color of my nails (Cafe Pink by Revlon) and my ring was sparkling.

Henry is starting a new trend on Virginia City: nude sunbathing!

And showing some OK State love
And last but not least, we buy Jackson a new bed, he won't touch it but Sophie loves it. You could fit 10 of her in there!