Monday, July 9, 2012


My move is complete and I feel like I am normal again. Why? Because I finally got a nightstand. Kyle's bedroom set is Pottery Barn and I wasn't about to go spend $300 on a nightstand there. So we took one of his drawers and matched the color at Mathis Brothers and got this baby:

It is 1 inch shorter than Kyle's and it is a little shorter than I wanted but I think I can easily find some risers for it. It matches almost perfectly so I can't complain, and it was less than $125. Holla. Now all of my stuff isn't piled on a shelf next to the bed.

Along with that extremely exciting news, Allison lost her front tooth on their trip to St. Louis this weekend.
These toothless pics never get old to me.

We also crossed one more wedding related item off the list. Daddy-O got a new suit (and we ordered flower girl dresses!). Here he is looking fresh:

Scored a major deal on a Michael Kors suit at Macy's. And just for fun, I took this pic the other night. I loved the color of my nails (Cafe Pink by Revlon) and my ring was sparkling.

Henry is starting a new trend on Virginia City: nude sunbathing!

And showing some OK State love
And last but not least, we buy Jackson a new bed, he won't touch it but Sophie loves it. You could fit 10 of her in there!

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