Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Famous! (not really)

A few weeks ago, Glamour asked for reader submissions of engagement rings. I read online Glamour daily and always love when they feature "real" engagement rings as opposed to the Neil Lane ring the latest Bachelorette received (don't get me wrong, Neil Lane makes some nice rings but nothing that would ever show up on my non-reality show finger) so I sent an email to the Glamour blogger.

And my ring made it on the website!!!!

See it here

Holla! I read some of the comments this morning (and yes, I "anonymously" commented that I liked my ring the most, duh) and only 2 people said they liked it. Whatever. Everyone likes the 2nd one on the blog. Which is kinda vintage looking, and if you read anything related to weddings right now, you will know that vintage and lace and DIY and are huge right now.


  1. Wow, you ARE famous! :) I seriously like your ring the best. #2 will be outdated soon (and so will the "gemstone" fad) but yours never will!

  2. Holla is right! That's way cool!