Thursday, July 24, 2014

2 Things Not to Ask

Hello again. 

There are articles all over the internet about things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman & what to not say to a new mother, & I have 2 things I would like to address. 

As a new mother, you are asked a million questions about your baby & your new life. Most of the time, I am happy to answer the questions because it means I get to talk about my wonderful new life. 

And then there are 2 questions that irk me: 

1. Is your baby a good baby? 

I might be silly but the way I answer this question can make me feel a little guilty. Sam is such a sweet, cuddly, happy baby. And he also is somewhat fussy and temperamental and particular. There are lots of times that I am the only one that can calm him. I would not describe him as chill or laid back. So part of me feels guilty when I don't answer "oh yes, he's such a good baby!" 

He's my baby. Crying or smiling or cuddling, he's all mine and I will look back on these times and be thankful that I got to spend so much time learning about my baby. 

2. When do you go back to work? 

This. This question makes me feel lots of emotions. Anger, annoyance, sadness, anxiety. 

Before I even had Sam, I stressed about going back to work. And now I have him here and I can't even fathom leaving him for the day. 

I work a sales job that allows me to crest & manage my own schedule which is one of the main reasons I am returning. The other reason is that we are lucky enough to have my mom watching him. 

But even with all of that said, if Kyle & I agreed that I was able to stay home, I would turn in my resignation and not bat an eye. That could happen in the future but for now, I am going to attempt to work. 

So, please do not ask a new mother when she is returning to work. She likely has that date burned into her brain & thinks about it constantly. She is probably crying about it. She is sad and doesn't want to leave her baby and go back to work, even if she can work part time most days. 

So just don't ask. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I've Learned in 2 Months

Sam turned 2 months old on Sunday. Kyle wanted to take the family to the golf course so he could hit some shots. We loaded up the stroller (I had intentions to walk the course and get some exercise) and left for the Oaks.

We said hello to a few people, ordered a much anticipated club special for me and took off. We got the end of the first hole and decided it was best to load up the entire family in the cart. It was so hot and there was no way I could keep up with Kyle zipping from hole to hole in his cart. We looked like the Griswald's with the car seat and stroller piled up in the golf cart.

Sam fell asleep on me and stayed asleep for the entire outing. Kyle loved having us out there and was already teaching Sam the rules and etiquette of golf.

Now, onto what I have learned. Last month, I listed the things I had learned after 1 month of motherhood. Here are some from 2 months of motherhood:

1. Breast pads- keep them close 

Just when you think you don't need them anymore, you will spring a leak in public.

2. Clothing takes planning 

Sure, it is easy to pick out an adorable outfit for Sam and be on our merry way. But me, not so easy. Whatever you can find that fits this post baby body (that is still strange to me) needs to be nursing friendly. So I have invested in wearing strapless dresses or button up shirts when we leave the house. And I found an adorable zip front dress at Target that is now my go-to summer dress. You will see lots of pictures of me in it.

3. Poop

Yes, you heard that you will be interested in poop like never before. Tis true! I walked an open diaper into the living room the other night just to show Kyle the color of it. It was green, if you are wondering.

4. Sleep Deprivation

The first 6 weeks you feel like you are doing pretty well. You don't feel extremely tired, you are on cloud 9! And then it hits. You can barely keep your eyes open, you turn into a 2 cup of coffee mom and you cry because you can't imagine one more night of interrupted sleep. And then at about 8 weeks, your baby will sleep 6 hours and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. (and then he wakes every 2 hrs the next night!)

5. It changes everything 

I once did a post of my routine in getting ready. Ha! Those were the days. I still try to look decent when I leave the house and even when I am home. I shower (almost) every day and even put on some BB cream and blush everyday. It makes me feel human. But gone are the days of standing in front of the mirror making sure you have enough volume in your ponytail or perfecting your eyeshadow. Oh, and you will get spit up on in public and not really care that much.

6. No 

That is my new favorite word. Or at least I wish it could be. My first inclination is to say no to everything we are invited to (that is optional). But you can't do that or you will become a slave in your own home. Even if your baby tends to be a fuss pot and doesn't like the car seat, take small outings and it will be easier each time you do it.

7. You will feel alone 

There will be times that you feel completely alone. Even though I have a huge support system, there can be times that I feel like I am doing this alone because Sam needs me so much. You watch your husband do yard work for 3 hours or kick back in the chair so he can relax during the movie you rented (more on that below), it makes you slightly jealous for a minute. And then Sam looks up and me and coos or smiles and I think what a poor schmuck Kyle is for not being the superhuman person that I am that carried this baby and am managing to keep him alive 24/7 :)

8. Redbox 

Redbox used to be one of my favorite things. And then we rented a movie and I didn't get to see much more than the opening scene. And then I was dumb enough to try it again! Can anyone tell me what happened in Lone Survivor or Monuments Men?

9. 5 Minutes in a Mom's Head 

Have you seen this article? I am 100000% sure that woman's mind works much faster than a man's anyway but this is so true. When Sam falls asleep I always think: should I put him down? Or just hold him? He's so cute! What's that spot on his face? Look how cute his hair is? Crap, I need to let Sophie out. Should I fold the laundry? Or do the dishes? Or pay bills? Or write thank you's? Did I eat lunch? (you see what I'm getting at)

10. Shots 

Shots used to be the 2 oz of liquor we foolishly poured down our face in a bar. Now they mean vaccines and my poor little baby getting them. We went to his appt yesterday and I was so nervous. I hate shots myself so I know that didn't help. Kyle met us there and it ended up not being quite as terrible as I expected. Although the stupid nurse lady did make him bleed a lot on his 2nd leg. He ran a little fever and was feeling pretty yucky last night but I am so glad it is over and we don't have to do it again for 2 months.

11 lbs 1.5 oz
24 inches long