Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Recap

Recap of my life, I know you are all dying to read this.

Thursday: Jewelry party at Alanda's house, then off to Joe Momma's for trivia and pizza. Well, actually I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup. Random, I know.

Friday: Dinner at Fish Daddy's with Mom and Pops and The Farmer's and Emily. $3 margaritas made my mom and Anne happy campers. And then we went to Garden Ridge for some clearance flower pots. Later that eve, I watched Angels and Demons and fought to stay awake til midnight. The movie was great, and it was set in Rome so I was soaking up all the scenery. I can't wait for our trip!

Saturday: Was up and at 'em before 9 AM, which felt so good. Did a little lounging by the pool, cleaned some house and got ready for Nickey's birthday dinner at Compadre's. If you haven't been there, you need to go. It is so delish and the margaritas are the 71st and Sheridan. The old crew (Danny, Alfredo, Nick, Drew, Jorge, Tom) was out and we hit up Baker's St. for some drinks. It was so nice to have the old crew back together again. Isn't that a line from Grease?

Sunday: I was on the couch all day. Literally. I got home around 10:45 AM and posted up to watch some TV and I never left the house again. And it felt so nice. And I am not sorry about it.Watched the Emmy's and wished I got to dress up for events like that. Below are my picks for Best and Worst Dressed:

Best Dressed:

Claire Danes. I am not really a fan of her, but I love love love that dress. And I usually like when stars put their hair up and look glamorous, but her hair looked phenom.

Worst Dressed:

Oh Kate. I have a love/hate relationship with you. But I hate this dress. It looks like prom 1999.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remind Me When It's Time

Ok, don't anyone freak out. This is only an idea that I saw that I wanted to share with you people. Ever since Katie got married (and a little before that too), I pay attention to things at weddings. I want to be able to make mine unique, and I want it to reflect my personality (and my future groom's too).
Lots of people have had a photo booth at a wedding (which I love by the way) but this idea was one notch above. The backdrop was a red sheet of some sort, props were included, but they added a chalkboard for people to write messages on when they took their pictures. How fun! So remind me, when it is my time, that I liked this idea, ok?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A group of nine girls got together last weekend for some girl time. We started at the pool with margaritas and daquiries and relaxation and laughed and told stories all day. That night we went to dinner at In the Raw and then headed out to Caravan for some dancing time. Poor Amanda was the hostess at the pool that day and she ended up getting sick as soon as we walked in the Caravan so her night got cut short. I think she had too much sun that day :(
Abbey, Laina, Heather at In the Raw      
Abbey sending love to you readers!    

Harlan, Abbey, Laina, Moi     
Getting ready to bust a move at Caravan
Harlan and Heather- H Sqaured   
Abbey line dancin' it up!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My 3 Loves

1. Lauren

2. Allison
3. Jordyn

Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Things

I am stealing another blog idea from The Frisky. In honor of "Love Yourself Week", I am going to list 30 things I love about moi. So here goes:

1. My close relationship with my family 
2. Competition makes me a different woman. And I love it.
3. Sending cards to people makes me feel good
4. Despite being burned in love, I still believe someone is out there
5. I love learning and I loved school. I wish I had gone to grad school
6. I can be very frugal when necessary
7. I love babies and little kids a ridiculous amount
8. I am open to others opinions.
9. I am generous and caring
10. I am healthy and physically fit 
11. I talk to my mom almost everyday and enjoy it
12. My nieces bring joy to my life in a way that I cannot describe
13. I cried more at my cousin's wedding than she did.
14. My hair and smile
15. I have stayed in touch with people that mean something to me
16. My sense of humor that I got from my dad
17. My love for Sophie dog
18. I can see when I am wrong and I try to correct it and/or apologize
19. I am athletic but can still rock a sundress
20. I like to read
21. I have hope
22. My sassy attitude
23. The fact that I have a routine that I follow every morning without fail
24. I like to travel
25. I am easy going (for the most part)
26. I can get along with others and mingle at a party
27. Birthdays and other important dates get me really excited. And not just mine, others too!
28. I am not afraid of a good cry when necessary
29. I can agree to disagree without judging
30. I don't have any tattoos or piercings

Friday, August 13, 2010

In a Rush

Is it just me or does everyone else feel like they are in a rush all the time? From the moment I wake up, I feel like I am in a race against time. Here is a usual day:

6:10- Alarm 1
6:35- Ok, stop snoozing and get up
7:35-  Leave for work
8:00-12:30- Work, check email, facebook, twitter, blogs, work
12:30-1:30- Lunch- race back to clock back in on time (have to clock in/out at exactly 1 hr for lunch)
1:30-5:00-  Work (same as above)
5:15-5:30- Leave for gym
6:45-7:00- Leave gym and hurry home to shower, cook dinner, let Sophie out, etc
8:00- Decide if I am staying in for the night or going somewhere (which means I have to blowdry the sweat and reapply makeup)
10:30- Fall into bed

Now, that is a typical Mon-Thursday schedule. It may not seem hectic, but it sure feels it. Today, my dilemma is whether or not I want to work out after work and then have to re-shower and get ready for the evening, or if I want to stop by Old Navy and the mall for some cheap new duds, or if I want to just go home and lay around on the couch and finish watching Bethenny Getting Married before I go out with the girls for some drinks.
Here's the problem...if I go home and lay around, I will maybe feel rested/less rushed, but I will also feel guilty for not working out (I am slightly obsessed with working out, which I suppose is a good obsession to have but it can really hinder my social schedule during the week). If I work out, I will feel rushed and then be annoyed that I have to re-do myself to go out. If I go buy clothes, I will feel guilty for spending money AND not working out. You see? I know, I know, there are more important things to worry about like global warming and healthcare and if Jen and Brad will ever get back together, but these are my trials and tribulations of the day.
Any thoughts on what I should do? Please choose by option #

Option #1- Work out after work, go home and re-do myself, feel rushed
Option #2- Go home and lay around for an hour or so, not feel rushed, but feel guilt
Option #3- Go shopping and feel guilty for money, not working out, feel less rushed
Option #4- Run for 30 min, hurry a shopping trip, feel guilty about one thing and feel really rushed
Option#5- Call me a drama queen. (Please don't choose this one)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthdays and Babies

Happy Monday afternoon, y'all! Did I sound like Paula Deen? I am slammed here at work, so what is the best thing to do...take time away and blog!
Two weekends ago, we went over to Bryan and Erin's to see the girls play t-ball. While I was too hot to get any pictures of that, I do have some adorable pic to share. And a video.
Jordyn loves babies a lot. She talks to them and holds them and pats them and kisses them. She says "baby, baby, baby" in the sweetest little voice. There was a news segment on TV that had babies on it and Bryan recorded it and would play it back for her to watch. As soon as the babies were gone, she would hold her hands up and say "Baby?". I tried to get a good video of her freaking out over these babies but she didn't produce the emotions on camera as she did off camera. Oh well, she's still adorable so watch anyway. She starts going kinda bananas at 45 seconds.
We went outside on Sat for some sun and slip and slide action. I bought this slip and slide for Allison's b-day and it was a big hit. Bryan went down it, the girls, me and then comes Pappy, who busted the thing. Lauren was not happy. I found her in her room crying, "This day just gets worser and worser. And Pappy needs to fix it or buy us a new one." Grammy was already in the car, searching Edmond for a slip and slide in late July. We used the water hose to entertain them for a while and then when that got old, we got out food. That always works. Jordyn took over Bryan's peach and mauled it. She didn't even move it from her face until she had every drop out.
I headed home that afternoon for Billy's birthday celebration. We had a small group of people but Jena really wanted to surprise him and we pulled it off. Billy is not much into birthdays so it was kinda fun to make a big deal about him and see him enjoy it.
Billy and the princess cookie I bought him 
Billy and Jena
Laina and I (no, that sword is not hanging there for real) 
Jena and I 

Having fun on Billy's birthday  

Now, I have to go finish work and then hit the gym before I go mow tonight. I am fairly certain that it might kill me. So to everyone, I have enjoyed knowing you. If you see someone passed out at the corner of ___&___, please call for help.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrity Dreams Part 2

Now, the long awaited answers from the guys. I was anxious to see if I had any "samesies" answers from the guys, compared to the girls answers.

And ladies and gentlemen, we did! One fella answered that Marisa Miller was his dream girl (who I chose to be, btw) and then on a creepy note, I asked my cousin Katie who she wanted to be and unknowingly, her brother chose that exact girl as his dream girl. They did grow up in Arknsas, I'm just sayin!

Jeremy: Kourtney Kardashian
 James: Kate Bosworth

Zach: Alessandra Ambrosio
Neil: Lacey Chabert
Kyle: Brooklyn Decker
Ozzie: Marisa Miller

So, there ya have it. My makeshift, spur of the moment, completely ridiculous poll. Hope everyone enjoyed seeing our fantasies, now let me know your dream girl!

Celebrity Dreams

Yesterday, I asked 2 friends "If you could be any celebrity, who would it be?"
After I heard their answers, I decided to take a poll of girls and see if we all had similar ideas of who we would be become in another life. After I polled the ladies, I decided to poll some guys and see if any girl answered the same thing as a guy (I asked the guys who their dream celebrity girl was, not who they would like to be). See the answers below and please comment and tell me your answers!

Poll #1- Ladies, if you could be in celebrity, who would you pick?

Heather: Marisa Miller
Sammi: Rose Byrne
Elaina: Reese Witherspoon 
Kristin: Heidi Klum
Katie: Alessandra Ambrosio
Jenn: Heidi Klum
Amber: Carrie Underwood
Jena: Carrie Underwood