Tuesday, July 28, 2009

123 Louie

Here are some pics from the weekend at Grammy and Pappy's. The girls enjoyed swimming and dancing to their new favorite song "All the Single Ladies" (said with a lisp by Allison).
We had so much fun painting toenails, giggling in bed watching "The Nanny", and doing Aunt Heather's hair.
Enjoy the pics and video!

Allison and Jordyn (note Allison's crazy hair and the crazy look in Jordyn's eyes)
All tuckered out from the day of swimming
Taking a nap on Daddy
Explanation of video: When we went to Dallas a few weeks ago, Allison thought Katie's fiance's name Louie was hilarious. She laughed everytime she said it. She also likes to cross her eyes and look up at her eyelashes for a really goofy look. She started saying "123 Louie" and crossing her eyes and I had to catch it on video.

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