Thursday, May 12, 2011

Weeden, Blackmon, Bullet, and Pete

Boone Pickens Stadium
My mom and I decided this year we would not be missing out on another season of OSU football in Stillwater. While my entire family enjoys the experience, my brother and his wife created three small Heathcock's and that makes it a little more (lot more) difficult to make it to all the home games. So last year we didn't get season tickets. But this year, my mom and I decided we would buy 4 tickets and we could use the extra one on whatever lucky soul we choose. My dad, mom, and I will use 3 of them each home game and my brother will get first dibs on the 4th ticket. Rowdy Red will have access to it as well. My sister in law will also be able to get her hands on it. Or we could take Lauren or Allison. They are actually fun to go to the games with because they know what is happening and actually care of OSU is winning.

Anyway, this brings me to another topic. Rowdy Red has never been to an OSU football game. I mean, why would he? He isn't from here and he hasn't had an all access pass to events until I came around. I am proud to say that he does wear an OSU golf hat with the adorable Swingin' Pete on it.

This is not Rowdy Red. But this is the hat he has. Points for anyone who knows who this is...

For any OSU football is the schedule:

09/03/11 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Stillwater, OK TBA
09/08/11 vs. Arizona Stillwater, OK 7:00 p.m. CT
09/17/11 at Tulsa Tulsa, OK TBA
09/24/11 at Texas A&M College Station, TX TBA
10/08/11 vs. Kansas Stillwater, OK TBA
10/15/11 at Texas Austin, TX TBA
10/22/11 at Missouri Columbia, MO TBA
10/29/11 vs. Baylor Stillwater, OK TBA
11/05/11 vs. Kansas State Stillwater, OK TBA
11/12/11 at Texas Tech Lubbock, TX TBA
11/18/11 at Iowa State Ames, IA TBA
12/03/11 vs. Oklahoma Stillwater, OK TBA

The next order of business is to purchase at least one new OSU shirt for this season! Oh, and of course pay my mom for my ticket :)


  1. Don't bother going to the December 3rd game... it'll make you all really sad. :)

    No idea who the golfer is... asked the hubby, and he couldn't ID him either.

  2. Get that OU trash talk outta here!

    Golfer is Peter Uihlein.
    I need to come see you and your babies!