Thursday, May 26, 2011

I just don't get it...

Growing up in a sports-loving family, I learned a lot about sports. And I learned to not only know a lot, but to love sports.

I know about encroachment, 3-second violations,  hitting for the cycle and so on. Here is one thing I don't get and it is very simple: Why do the players put their warm ups back on when they go to the bench?

Such a simple question, I know. But it baffles me. In my high school b-ball days, once I got the privilege of tearing off my warm up & getting some playing time, I never put it back on. And believe me, I made plenty of trips to and from the bench.

Some would say it is so their muscles don't get cold. I don't buy that. Most players aren't sitting the bench long enough to get a cold muscle and then pull something when they go back in.

So anyway, simple question. If anyone has a great answer other than to avoid their muscles getting cold in an INDOOR arena, let me know.

Bummed about the Thunder loss last night, but we are a dang good team that held onto a tough series with the Dirks, I mean the Mavs.

Tonight, we wrap up the last regular season kickball game. We are 6-1, with our only loss to the team ranked #1 in the league.

This past week has been full of emotions. Sunday night, Joplin was hit by a devastating tornado. My friends Eric and Torrie and their 5 week old baby lost everything. Eric talks about it on his blog
Please pray for them. Eric said it best when he wrote on Facebook: it is well with my soul.

Tuesday brought more thunderstorms, and I will admit that I got a little freaked out. I don't freak out over severe weather. And I don't know if it was what happened to Eric and Torrie, or what the weather men were saying, or the fact that idiotic weather man Aaron Tuttle in OKC was Facebooking and Tweeting overly dramatic, scary things but I felt uneasy.
I live in a small house and I knew I wouldn't feel safe at home. So I called Rowdy Red at lunch and told him I was packing a bag and coming to his house after work. He went over to my house around 2:30 and picked up Sophie for me. Luckily, the storms didn't produce much more than wind and rain in Tulsa, but I felt prepared and went home that night knowing I made the smart decision.

Rowdy Red has 3 guys coming in town to spend Memorial Day with him. One from Pittsburgh, one from Chicago, and one from Baltimore. He is so excited to see his friends and spend the weekend playing golf and cooking out. I am excited to meet them, but I am also excited to get some pool time while they are golfing!

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