Friday, May 20, 2011

Thunder Up

I know the title of this post isn't very original but who cares! Thunder upppppp! I lurve the OKC Thunder. Lurve=love for those of you who don't know.

I was fortunate enough to go to a few games last season with that one guy I dated. Can't remember his name :)
Anywho, my love for Kevin Durant begin right there in the Ford Center. Even though I was supposed to not like him for killing us in college bball, I couldn't help but love to watch him play. I also loved watching Westbrook play, who has been a bit of a hot topic lately. They say he is selfish with the ball and out of control when he drives the lane. Maybe that is why I like him. You see, when I was just a wee little girl in high school, I wasn't the strongest or best player but I always tried to drive the lane and get the foul. I was out of control and literally threw the ball at the goal. It went in maybe 5% of the time. That is prob why I was considered the best defensive player, not offensive! Ha!

I am loving that the Thunder are doing so well in the playoffs and was glued to the TV for the whole series with Memphis. I knew Dallas would be a tough series, especially against Dirk. And Dirk came out strong the first game! The Thunder came back and won game 2 by 4 pts. Durant had a nasty dunk against them and a picture of it quickly made the rounds on Twitter last night:
His head is literally almost at rim height!

Thunder comes home for game 3 in OKC. And in my opinion, Perkins should ride the bench. He is a total jerk who likes to start trouble. He gets called for foul and everytime he gets this look on his face like "what did I do". So annoying. Harden is the best bearded player in the league. And Serge Ibaka has the best jumps, and he ain't too bad on the eyes either.

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