Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girls Night with My Ladies

This past Saturday, I got to spend the whole day with my 3 little ladies. Bryan and Erin had plans in Tulsa, so we met for lunch with Mom and Dad and then started our day.

Our first order of biznass was to move a TV and stand into my living room. The girls were getting a little antsy sitting around waiting for Grammy and Pappy to finish up, so I gave Allison and Jordyn cleaning jobs that kept them busy for awhile.

Once Grammy and Pappy left, I made a plan with the girls for our day. Our first excursion was to Yolotti on Brookside to get froyo. Lauren chose pink lemonade yogurt and it was the bomb. Allison made a disgusting mixture of cookies and milk froyo, mixed with pink lemonade, topped with cookie dough balls and gummi bears. Once she sat down to eat it, she didn't even like it. I helped Jordyn make hers, so I gave that to Allison and let Jordy eat the gummi bears out of the reject froyo cup.

We then went to rent 2 movies (Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Tangled) and spent a few hours at my house preparing for our night out on the town. Jordy was entertaining herself with a handheld broom, when she walked into my room and said, "do you have a towel, ma'am?" Hilarious. I realized she was dipping the broom in Sophie's dog bowl, and then wiping the floors clean.

Kyle came to pick us up around 6 and we headed to Incredible Pizza. I had no idea what I was in for. The big girls were so excited to see Kyle. Jordy clung to me. After we ate, we headed into the game room. I actually think the buffet area was more of a challenge. It's like parents get in there and completely lose all parenting skills.
Lauren had hurt her wrist a few days before, but she seemed fine. Kyle took the big girls to do bumper cars, and all seemed fine until Lauren got out and hugged my legs and started crying. She had jammed her wrist again and was in pain. I could already tell it was swelling, so I made her an ice pack out of a to go sack and ice from the pop machine. We tried to play some more games, took Jordyn into Tiny Tot Town, but she was really hurting during mini golf and we ended our game and decided to head home. Kyle took Lauren to get the car, while I grabbed some dessert the other two. I wanted my (Kyle's) moneys worth from this place.

We stopped and got some children'sTtylenol and got ready for bed. Popped in Tangled, all cuddled up on the couches, said our goodbyes to Kyle and passed out. The giirls were going to sleep on a blow up bed in the spare bedroom, and Jordyn with me. But they wanted to be in the same room as me, so I shoved the bed in my room and we all crammed in there. We had a diner breakfast the next morning and then they headed back to Edmond. I had such a good time with them. I can't believe they fast they are growing up, and I am so glad we fianlly got to have our girls slumber party that we have talked about for so long!

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  1. Allison and I have more and more in common all the time -- I am a total failure at creating good yogurt combinations!

    Also, I can't believe how big Jordy has gotten! So adorable!