Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Edwards, CO

Kyle was in a wedding in Edwards, CO this past Sunday. Edwards is about 20 min west of Vail. And it is absolutely gorgeous. Kyle went to Denver early, and I flew in on Sat morn. Picked up the rental car and drove to his friends house to get him. I must say, I was pretty impressed with how easily I conquered this task.

We set out on our 2 hour drive to Edwards. I really wanted to sleep but I didn't want to miss the scenery. We hit the ground running once we got to our hotel. We stayed at the Inn and Suites at Riverwalk on Main St and it was the most adorable little place. Main St had all kinds of shops, restaurants, a movie theater and a scenic path behind the hotel. And I got a great deal on flight, hotel, and car on Hotwire. Maybe if they see this, they will thank me with coupons!

We hit the ground running once we got to Edwards. The rehearsal was supposed to be at 3, we got into town at 2. The rehearsal dinner was at the Edwards Community Center, and they served Moe's BBQ. The food was fantastic, and it was a laid back evening. The weather was so nice compared to the heat we have been experiencing. In some freak of nature event, Kyle agreed to call it an early night so that he could be in his best shape for the wedding on Sunday. This is a rare occurrence people.

Sunday, we woke up at 8:15 and went downstairs for breakfast. Then we went to the pool in this cute little secluded area surrounded with flowers. We got some good sun time in before a bridesmaid told him that he had to be at a brunch at 12:30. Nice. I opted out of this, and walked to get some lunch at a grill down the street, and then lounged in the room for about an hour before getting ready. I wore the charcoal dress I posted previously, and a Vera Wang statement necklace. While my outfit was the bomb, Kyle had never tried on his tux. Smooth move. So his pants were about a size 38, and the adjusters on the side wouldn't hold. I tried to get them to stay up using giant bobby pins, but they wouldn't hold. He decided a belt would be the only thing that would work. Thank  goodness the jacket was long enough to hide it.

The wedding was a Jewish ceremony, which I had never seen before. The reception featured appetizers, then dinner, then cookies and cupcakes, then midnight snacks and an open bar. Yahtzee!

We had a wonderful time, and I wish we could have stayed one more day and explored Colorado a bit more.

The reception/ceremony

The groomsmen waiting

Can't see that belt, huh?

I miss you, Edwards CO!

Kyle birthday brother, Tony


  1. It's so beautiful! The Mister and I have discussed moving to Colorado someday. We're all about scenery and doing outdoorsy things, and we're freaking sick of the fact that there is a total of about 2 months that aren't miserable in this state. Plus we'd like to be where the hippies are.

  2. You and your mister would love it! Kyle and I both wished we could have stayed longer. And you would totally fit in with all the hippies :)