Friday, August 19, 2011


I was reading something the other day about things one could or could not live without. Here are mind:

Things I Cannot Live Without:

1. Lotion: I have really dry skin
2. Mascara: I just really like it
3. Peanut butter: Another thing I really like 
4. Exercise: Makes me feel great
5. Chapstick: Continuing with the dry skin thing

Things I Can Live Without:

1. Extended cable package: I am getting used to this
2. Red meat: Don't tell Kyle, the steak fanatic
3. Car: I would love to live in a city where you walked & took public transportation
4. Caffeine: Not something that is crucial to my day
5. Facebook: Too much information, people

What are the things on your lists? I am sure I can add more to each, but we will keep it to 5 for now.

I fly out to Denver in the morning. Kyle was supposed to leave last night, but his flight got cancelled. So he is on a flight this morning, he will spend less than 24 hours in Denver before I fly in, pick up the rental car and drive us to Vail. I don't know why I am so nervous about picking up this car and navigating Denver to find him, but I really am. I'm sure if other people have done similar in the past, I can master this. I managed to get Katie and I around Paris for 6 days, this should be nothing. We are staying in the cute little hotel in Edwards (right by Vail) called the Inn and Suites at Riverwalk.

I am slowly getting into saving money thru coupons. Yesterday I sat at work and compared prices of my favorite mascara at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, & CVS. Walmart was the cheapest, CVS was ridiculously high and Walgreens had buy one get one half off. I am going to try to clip coupons and then look at weekly adds and see if I can save more dough.

My blog sale has not done as well as I hoped. Now I need to find a decent resale shop here in Tulsa. Surely there have to be some...

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