Thursday, June 2, 2011

Orbitz, Expedia, Southwest, Etc

My mind has been consumed the last few days with flights. I have been looking for my own flights, flights for my boss, helping Kyle price flights, etc. Here's why:

June 11-19: Kyle in Montana
July 22-24: Heather in Dallas (yes, I am flying. It's so cheap and convenient)
July 19-24: Kyle in Virginia
August 19-22: Kyle and Heather at wedding in Denver
Unknown date but while Katie is out for summer break: Trip to (hopefully) NY with Katie & our momma's
October: Kyle to Hilton Head for bachelor party (better than Vegas, right?)
December: Kyle and Heather to Pittsburgh for wedding over NYE

I look at the Denver flights almost everyday to check prices. I have started looking for the Pitt flight because it is over NYE and I wasn't sure what the prices would be and the availability. Kyle is leaving around the 27th and I will fly up and meet him on the 29th and then we will fly home together.

Kyle about smacked me at dinner last night when I brought up the Pittsburgh trip. He has been laughing at me for weeks about me looking at Denver flights for August. And then I move all the way to Dec. Whatever, I don't fly all the time like him and I just like to know what the plan is. Plus, I have to ask off work and such. I bought his dinner last night so he promptly decided to hush it and give me some feedback on Pittsburgh. 

My brother and his wifey, Erin are celebrating their 10th anniversary today. I wish I had thought ahead and scanned in some pics from the wedding. They are headed to Vegas today to celebrate and I am picking up the girls from Erin's mom on Sat. Then taking them to FTG to spend the weekend at Grammy and Pappy's. Kyle is coming out to the good ole FTG to swim and cook out with us on Sat. I'm sure once (or if) my dad reads this, he will start cleaning every nook of the house so it is spotless for Kyle to see for the first time.
Speaking of the house, my mom burned up the kitchen awhile back and I got to see their newly redone kitchen last weekend and it is gorgeous! Looks like something straight out of a magazine.
Hopefully Kyle doesn't want to drown himself after a full day of my 3 nieces :)

*I realize this blog has no more "Rowdy Red" references. I'm over it.*

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  1. Rowdy Red = Kyle. Between all your upcoming flights around the Western hemisphere, we will invite you guys over for dinner so we can meet Rowdy Red/Kyle. Rowdy Kyle.

    And thanks for the anniv wishes on my blog... for some reason I can't post a reply on there.