Friday, June 10, 2011

Kickball Champions!

I have kept the blogging about kickball to a minimum this season, but I can't hold this in:

We are the Spring 2011 WAKA Kickball Champions! 

I am so excited. Elaina and I must have said to each other 20 times last night, "we won!" Here is how it went down: 

We play 8 regular season games. We lost 1 game in the regular season to G.T.K. They were ranked #1 all season long and were undefeated. Last night we played a semifinals game at 7:20 against the #3 team. We were ranked #2. Regulation is 5 innings, and we finally won it in 8 innings. We knew we would most likely be playing G.T.K. in the finals again this year. We lost to them last year in extra innings. 

8:10 (more like 8:30) kickoff. G.T.K. vs. Mooseknuckles. They have a really good pitcher who hurls that ball at you as hard as he can. While he is a good pitcher, he is also one of the biggest jerks in the league. We started out the first inning with 3 runs, which gave us all the momentum we needed. Top of the 5th, we are up 3-1, and the heart of their lineup comes up. I was sure they would be able to score with their best players up, and they did. Tied it up. Bottom of the 5th, Mooseknuckles up. 2 runners on base, Brandon lines it up the 3rd base line and Claybrook scores.....Mooseknuckles win! 

There were no outs, so I wish we had been cool enough to keep playing and see how many runs we could score. But we were way too excited and charged the field to celebrate.

Brandon posing after his winning kick

The lovely Mooseknuckles symbol

#1, baby!

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