Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girls Weekend Preparation!

My numero uno cousin, Katie, is coming this weekend and bringing my cousin-by-marriage-but-love-her-like-blood cousin, Kristin with her. Yahtzee!

Originally, I planned on Kyle being in Montana this coming weekend but he isn't leaving until the 14th now. And the one full weekend he will be gone, Katie has a wedding to go to. So we just decided to go ahead and do a girls weekend with Kyle in town. He is gracious enough to let my girls stay in his spare bedroom and he might even cook us breakfast if we are nice to him.

Katie called me on Sunday, at bit inebriated, and said she and Kris were going to come this weekend. I wasn't sure if it was just the long island iced teas talking or what, but she called last night and confirmed. And then I informed Kyle, who responded with "THIS weekend", and followed up with "they can stay here and I will get the house clean and stay out of your way". Little does he know, that when the 3 of us are together, there is no "staying out of our way".

I have a few places I would like to take them this weekend: Cosmo Cafe for drinks and mint labneh and meat and cheese platter. (Also, check out their amazing new summer drink selection). ITR  for some sushi maybe. Possibly some dancing at Treehouse. We'll just see where the Oklahoma wind takes us!

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