Sunday, October 27, 2013

1 Year...NYC Trip!

After we left our hotel in Baltimore, we grabbed a cab and headed to Penn Station. Kyle was in charge of planning our entire anniversary trip. And he nailed it. He hands me an Amtrack ticket that will take me to the one place in the US I desperately wanted to go....NYC!

I was beyond thrilled. I have been begging to go to NYC for quite some time now. And this was so great because I plan 99% of our travel. From the flight booking to hotel to rental car, I do it all. I didn't have to do any research. (Until I got there and practically lived on my Yelp app).

We loaded our luggage onto the train and began our journey. Everything was going very smoothly until our train hit and killed a person. Yes, you read that right. Our Amtrack train was involved in a suicide and we became a crime scene. We were delayed about 2 hours but luckily we didn't have to switch trains.

We got into NYC around 6:30, grabbed a cab and headed to our hotel. Kyle said he searched hundreds of hotels and finally decided on NYLO in Manhattan, the Upper West Side. We were about 4 blocks west of Central Park. Our room was so cute! It was definitely smaller than the room in Baltimore, but I can easily handle a cozy room when I am in NYC.

We freshened up and headed our for our anniversary dinner. Kyle picked Telepan for dinner, based on a blog he read listing the top 10 restaurants in the Upper West Side. We shared dry-aged grass-fed ribeye for 2, which was unbelievably huge. And they brought out the marrow with it, and Kyle died and went to delicious butter/bone marrow heaven.

And then he told me how wonderful our first year of marriage was, and I cried at the table.

We walked home from dinner (one of my absolute favorite parts of NYC) and stopped at a little store and bought hydrangeas for our hotel room, which was the flower we used in our wedding.

Despite the Amtrack delay, our anniversary day was fantastic. Now, we needed to sleep to prepare for the next 4 days in NYC!

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