Monday, August 13, 2012

Making It Feel Real

Wedding invitations are officially mailed! I have known for 5 months that I am getting married but yet there is something about mailing the official invitation that makes it real. Really real. Like people will be RSVPing and all that stuff that I think about but now will actually become a reality. Elaina did a great job on addressing them and she delivered the box of envelopes on Thursday. Kyle took an entire envelope to the post office (did I already say this part?) and got the stamps. There were ready to be assembled. 

There really wasn't that much to do. I didn't have any bows or ribbons or a belly band (if you don't know what that is, go read Weddingbee). I had the 5x7 invitation, reply card and an envelope for each. I opted against an information card for 2 reasons: extra cost and I made the task of booking a hotel room as easy an can be on our website. I didn't want to go to the effort of an information card AND a wedding website.

I did number the back of the reply card in case someone forgets to write their name on it. And I wrote the # of guests that are invited in your party. We (and I mean me) had a tons of kids I could invite but we had to draw the line at family only. At one point I had 32 children on the list. A kid lover like myself would end  up having 32 children at her wedding. But open bar+reception until midnight doesn't mix well with kids. 

So I woke up at 7:30 on Saturday, called my mom and asked her to come help, and started the process. 

Spreadsheet with guest names, reply card #, and # of guests in party. I would like to note that I was wearing pink boxers shorts, a white tank top, and my purple wedding wedges. And I fell down the stairs as soon as I put the shoes on. I really need to break those shoes in.

I stamped all the reply envelopes first. Then I just started a system:

1. Envelope
2. Find corresponding reply card #
3. Write in guest #
4. Put invitation, reply card, envelope into large envelope
5. Put in box
6. Cross off list

I repeated that until my mom got there right after 10. I was almost completely finished. She sealed the outer envelope and stamped them. We were finished by 11:05 and I took them to the post office (I changed clothes first) and walked the box inside. I was a little worried that it would be a big ordeal, as was the lady that I handed the box to. She weighed them, bent them up a little to feel the contents of the inside, looked at me and said "are they all stamped?" Yes, they are. Great, easy enough. We walked out and that was that. Painless process!

Then I rushed home and showered and Mom and I went to my makeup trial. It was so nice sitting there having someone doll me up. Rachael works at the MAC counter at Promenade. We were supposed to run more errands but I was in a food coma after eating at Compadre's (best chicken chilli relleno in town) and we went home and sat on the couch. I got to show my makeup off that night at dinner at Mondo's and then out at Dust Bowl.

This weekend is my first bridal shower and I am beyond excited! Kyle leaves for his bachelor party on Thursday and all the girls (mom, Sheri, grandma, Katie, Kristin) are staying at my house for a slumber party both nights. I'm sure Kyle is beyond thrilled that he will be out of town while 6 women take over the house.

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