Thursday, July 7, 2011


Kyle and I went to Pittsburgh over the 4th of July holiday. Most of you know he is from there, and this was my first time to go there. We got in late Friday night, and thanks to Dante and Erin, we had a ride from the airport. We went back to their house, a cool condo in Shady Side (kinda like Brookside) and had a few drinks and then walked to a pizza/bar place. The boys played darts while Erin and I played the "get to know you" game.

Sat morning, we took Dante's car and Kyle drove us to his parents house in Fox Chapel. The drive was gorgeous, and the trees and hills are nothing like flat OK. His parents are out of town, so we had the whole house (3 floors!) to ourself. After a quick shower, we headed up to the Pittsburgh Field Club to lay by the pool with Dante and Erin. Kyle's parents have been members there forever, and we saw tons of people that knew Kyle and have known him since he was little. The high was about 88 that day, and it was nothing like the heat we had left. We had lunch, watched the boys jump off the diving board, read, slept, talked and tanned. It was so relaxing and exactly what I needed to prepare for the oncoming of activities. That evening we had dinner at Jimmy Wan's and then met up with a bunch of his friends at this bar called the Crow's Nest. After that, we went to meet Dante and Erin at his cousin's house and partied the rest of the night away.

Sunday, we woke up at noon. No lie. I had been up Friday night for about 21 hours, and Sat we went to bed at 4:30. Sleeping in a house with no one else, and no dogs really allows for deep sleep. After laying around all day, we got ready for Lance's surprise birthday party, the real reason we went to Pittsburgh. The party was at 5:30, and it was hot. This OK girl started sweating immediately, and then was placed on the outside deck. After a few trips to the bathroom to cool off and using a paper plate as a fan, I stopped sweating. Lance loved his surprise party and we stayed for about 5 hours. We rounded everyone up, and headed to The Millhouse. After a few rounds of sparklers outside, and one crazy attempt at a sparkler inside the bar, we were exhausted and headed home. But not before Kyle's sweet friends Erin and Jenn could give me a welcome present. They got me a wine glass with the Pittsburgh skyline painted on it. It was probably one of the sweetest gestures I have ever experienced.

Monday, we slept in again and watched the Pirates game. Around 5, we headed to PFC again for a drink before our 4th of July party. Kyle is quite popular around there and I really enjoyed sitting on the patio listening to him catch up with people, and answer questions when they asked about us and how we met.
We went over to the 4th of July party, which was literally a scene out of a Martha Stewart Living magazine. I wish I had taken a picture. More people, more food, more booze. We ended the night on the fairway watching the fireworks. After a few people came over to his parents house for one last night of fun, I finally had to take myself to bed. 4 nights of drinks, talking and late nights had worn me down. Worn me so down that I fell down the stairs at his parents house and skinned my knee. It was hilarious, and thankfully no one saw me.

Highlights of the trip:

* Meeting Erin and Jenn
* Seeing Kyle's parents house
* Laying by the pool at PFC
* Hearing people say I have a cute accent
* Meeting so many people that watched Kyle grow up
* My new wine glass
* Another trip in the books with Kyle

Erin and Jenn- my new Pittsburgh loves!

Kyle and I with the high school sweethearts, Dante and Erin

The boys celebrating with Lance

Watching the fireworks

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  1. This sounds like such a fun trip, Heather! You two seem quite perfect for each other. That last pic had me thinking "Aaaaw". ;-)