Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is easily one of my favorite TV shows. And it all ends tonight. The season finale airs tonight, and I will miss Eric and Tami Taylor. And it is no secret that I love me some Tim Riggins.
Elaina and I have a favorite OSU sports blog writer, Kyle Porter, that posted this link  on his blog about an oral history on FNL. It's long, but if you love FNL you need to read it.

Coach Taylor- If you have ever lived in a small town like FTG, where football pulls the town together, you will know why I love him. When I was in high school, our football coach was Coach Reed and he had a handlebar mustache and was rough and looked like he smoked one too many cigarettes. And I loved him and thought he was the coolest guy ever. He was my Coach Taylor. What I love about Coach Taylor is his no nonsense attitude. He is stressed all the time and you can tell and he pushes his players to the best they can be. But he loves his wife and his girls and you can see that in his eyes.

Tami Taylor: The gorgeous wife of Coach Taylor, that has a love for counseling students into becoming all they can be. Tami has the perfect southern drawl when she says "hey ya'll" and has the best hair on TV, no lie. She loves Coach Taylor and is the typical football wife, but her character has depth and you learn so much more about her and her passion for students.  I won't lie, at one point in my young life, when I was dating the football star, I envisioned us getting married and him becoming a coach and me being his supportive, loving wife in the stands. Wow.

Tim Riggins: Where do I start? Do I start with his unbelievable rugged good looks? Or how he is the quintessential bad boy that every girl wants? Or how I just want to hug him for all the crap he has been put through? Remember when I said that I dated the star football player in high school? I forgot to mention that he was also the bad boy that never had girlfriends and drank too much and had an ice cold exterior. But we had been friends since 3rd grade and one August night I realized how sweet he could be and it was my mission to make a boyfriend out of him. Which I did, and then he cheated on me with a freshman cheerleader (how cliche). Anyway, now you know why I love Tim Riggins so much. He better get cast in something else soon so I don't have to creepily google pics of him.

Lyla Garrity: Oh Lyla. The gorgeous girl who dates the football player that has a neck injury and becomes crippled. And she has a rendezvous with Tim Riggins that turns into a love relationship and she gets to see Tim's vulnerable side (please see paragraph above).  Lyla is so sweet and innocent, yet not so innocent and pretty much could run the town on her good looks. I'm not sure there was much depth to her character, but she looked good in boots and jeans and enhanced Tim Riggins character. And now she is dating Derek Jeter, not too shabby.
There are tons more characters that I could write about, but these 4 are my favorites. What I love about the show was that is was more than football, it was about a little community pulling together, and at times tearing each other apart. And it was about the love between Coach Taylor and Tami, with all the stresses of life mixed in. My favorite line from the link posted above is this: Peter Berg (creator, executive producer): The show will be remembered more as one about a marriage than one about football.

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