Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning Routine

I think I may have said on a blog post before, that I cannot locate, that I have the exact same routine every morning. Who doesn't? Once again, my pals (I don't even know them) at The Frisky posted something that I felt like I should blog about. Each staffer details her morning routine. Here's mine:

1. Wake up at 6:35 and groggily walk Sophie to the back door and take her out. I leave the back door cracked while she eats and I shower. This is her "poop time" and as most, I prefer that to happen outside and I am too impatient in the morning to wait on her to do it before I shower. I wash my hair about every 2-3 days (if I was Monday, I will wash again Thur). Baby powder does the trick on the non-wash days. I used Equate brand face cleanser and scrub.
2. I am a lotion lover. I use it everyday and I was not happy to only be able to take 3 oz of it to Pittsburgh . I use Equate shea butter lotion. I put cream on my feet and wear socks while I get ready for optimum moisturizing time. I use Dove face moisturizer, Maybelline mineral powder, coral blush in the summer/pink in the other seasons, $1 Elf bronzer in the summer from Target, concealer galore under my eyes (still looking for the perfect one), and 2 kinds of mascara: Covergirl Lashblast length and then a coat of Maybelline Full and Soft. I heard waterproof holds curled lashes better, so I use that.
3. I let my hair air dry while I do my mascara, and then I use Garnier mousse for volume (what little I can get), and always use Tresemme heat protecting spray. Depening on the cycle of hair washing, I will do one of the following:

Hair completey down, straight
Bangs pinned back, hair curled
Bangs with a side swoop, hair in ponytail

I finish with some Garnier Shine Spray on my hair & then some lovely new body spray from Dove, Cucumber & Green Tea.

So there ya have it, my morning ritual. Everything is done in the same order every day.
If you read the Frisky article linked above, I think it is funny the difference between my brands and theirs.

Heather: Equate, Garnier, Dove, Covergirl, Maybelline
Frisky Girls: MAC, Stila, Kiehls, Dior, Lancome, etc

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