Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cocktail Dress

Forgive me for posting this so early. It is July and I am about to post dress ideas for a wedding on new years eve. Don't judge me.

You'll remember this post where I listed all our our planned trips. The list seems to add another one to it as soon as one is complete. But I am not complaining! I love traveling, and I love traveling with Kyle. He navigates an airport like Indiana Jones navigates a hidden tomb.

So back to the topic at hand. Kyle is a groomsmen in a wedding on NYE in Pittsburgh. Thank goodness we went to there over the 4th so I could talk to some girls and get an idea of how fancy this wedding was going to be. I was told the invitation was going to originally say "black tie" but has been changed to "black tie optional". Kyle will be a tux, so I obvs need to look fancy nancy. I have been looking at some cocktail dresses and hoping to snag one on sale that I can pair with tights. On that note, fashion friends, should I plan on wearing tights? It is a winter wedding in the north. Do tights make it look too casual?

Here are the front runners: for some reason I can't post the pics of the dresses

Dillards: Gray Strapless
Dillards: Steel Strapless Tafetta
Dillards: Purple Strapless  - I think this one is my fave so far
Macy's: Black One Shoulder- I just noticed this one is only in size 8 and up now..tear
Macy's: Black One Shoulder

I'll take any votes for any of the dresses, and/or suggestions!


  1. Don't forget about leg-coverings. I am assuming you're planning to rock some kind of tights since it will be wicked cold in Pitt on NYE. You know how some dress don't look as cute with the tights! The one that doesn't come in your size anymore was my fave. =(

  2. Also, have you looked at Nordstrom yet? I heard they were having their semi-annual sale now/soon!

  3. Well, my dear niece - I'm sorry, but that first is out. Looks to hookerish for my taste. Fav is the one that isn't in your size - :( But most importantly, don't you own a steel taffeta from March 2010? I'm just sayin'.

  4. Hmmm.....I'm a fan of the last black one-shoulder with NO tights. Sorry. I know it's cold, but the wedding isn't outdoors. This coming from a NYE bride herself....we walked a couple blocks in the cold to our hotel & it felt know how it is when you get soo hot and then can't cool down.

  5. Nat, I kinda want to just not wear tights and be a rebel! I can wear a coat into the wedding, and then we will be indoors the rest of the night.
    I am really pulling for a one shoulder dress..preferably less than $100. If it goes over that, I'm making Kyle pay the rest! :)