Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lauren

Lauren Noel Heathcock was born 4-4-04. I remember the day well. I also remember the day Bryan and Erin told me they were pregnant. They said they weren't gonna find out what they were having, but from the very moment she was pregnant, I just knew it was a girl. She has brought so much joy to my life. She is often told she looks like me (and my mom) and she loves it. She loves her Aunt Heather. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

She is sweet and thoughtful. Careful with her actions, thinks things through. Loves to be a big sister. Wants to please others. Has the best little girl laugh. Grabs my hand at the most unexpected moments. We used to have the best time laughing in bed when I was in college and would go stay the night with her. She used to cry and Bryan would have to literally peel her arms off of me when she had to leave me. She loves her Momma and Daddy and her doggies.

All this talk about her and I miss her. I just saw her Sat, but I would give anything to live 10 minutes away so I could see them all the time. Bryan and Erin would probably have to kick me out of the house though!

Happy Birthday to the most special little lady! I can't believe you are 7 years old!

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  1. Oh man, she is SUCH a sweetie! It sounds like she's got a beautiful personality, and I will have to agree with anyone who says she looks like you. She'll grow up to be a true beauty like her Aunt Heather.

    Sometimes I wonder if I can handle having my own kids judging by how much I love my niece and nephew. It seems like it might be too much, I can't even imagine.