Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anne Boleyn

As I have mentioned before, we just read The Other Boleyn Girl in our book club. I loved this book. I saw the movie years ago and couldn't really remember what all happened. I knew she was beheaded in the end of the book, and yet I still could not put it down.

Here are some facts about Anne Boleyn:

* She was 34 when she was executed.
* She became King Henry's wife after her sister Mary had already been his mistress and had 2 children with him (allegedly). 
* Anne gave birth to Elizabeth, Henry's daughter in 1533.
*In 1534, Anne gave birth to a still born baby. The book describes the baby as "a monster". It is not know if this child was a boy or girl.
*Anne's first love was Henry Percy. 
* Anne and Henry's marriage was annulled before she was executed, so she was not considered queen when she died.
* Anne was accused of incest with her brother, George. George's wife, Jane, testified to the incest even though she had no evidence.


  1. never saw this picture of her, can you let me know where is it from? Many thanks

  2. Hmmm... Mary did not have children by Henry in real life, and the collar in the portrait is Elizabethan not from Annes the portrait is not from Annes time.. the book took A LOT of liberty with history... If Marys children were the Kings natural children he would acknowledged them like he did his son with Bessie Allison Weir or Antonia Fraser for more accurate info..

  3. Great book, terrible movie (in my opinion). Also, Anne's supposed first love was named Henry Percy, the Duke of Northumberland.

    The Lady in the Tower by Allison Weir is a great source of information regarding Anne's life. So is The Wives of King Henry the VIII, also written by Weir. You should check them out :)

  4. 1. Anonymous comment #1: The picture is an image I found on Google
    2. Anonymous #2: It is not been proven that her children were the kings, but this is just info I was taking from the book. I'm sure there are plenty more accurate sources beside the book I read. And like I said above, the image is from Google.
    3. Anonymous #3: You're right, Henry Percy! I had a typo...oops. Thank you for the correction.

    Thanks to all for checking out my blog!

  5. This portrait can be found as well on Wikipedia and there it says:
    "A 17th-century portrait identified as Anne Boleyn by a later inscription on the back.
    "Portrait of an Italian Lady by POURBUS, Frans the Younger". Retrieved 2010-04-26."
    Hope this helps!

  6. Hi this is Peter i have not long found out on my mum's side of the family i am related to mary boleyn Anne Boleyn's sister, i am stunned.