Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Coverage

I've got Royal Wedding fever! While I did not wake up at 4 AM like my mother to watch the wedding, I did immediately turn it on when I got up at 6:30. And they were replaying the ceremony and it was lovely. What a British word...lovely. I'm sure there is enough TV/internet coverage for everyone, but let me post some of my favorite pics so far....

The 8 tier cake

The crowd. Wow.

Kate arriving. Sweet moment between sisters.

The kiss seen 'round the world.

Married. Look at the lace on the dress. 

So, tell me your thoughts on the dress? I loved it. A lot. While I won't be wearing sleeves in my wedding, I love the lace. I wish the skirt was slightly more full on her dress. But she looks perfect. And she has such a sincere smile. She seems nice. Maybe we can be friends one day. 

On to other things, last night we went to the Bob Seger concert. At 65 years old, he still rocks. Rowdy's parents had a great time. 
Below is a picture that makes me happy. Jackie made lemon cheesecake at book club Tuesday night. And her mom brought fresh berries to add to it. Heaven.

I fell yesterday at my house walking up the stairs and have a huge blue bruise/knot on my leg. Just in time to wear a dress to a nice dinner tonight. Good one, Heather. 

Tomorrow afternoon I get to meet my new buddy Max Madrid, new baby boy to Mindy and Alfredo, and also at the shower will be Piper, Drew and Lindsey's new little girl. I love little babies. I might steal one or both of them.

And tomorrow night we are going to see Craig Ferguson at the Hard Rock. Rowdy Red's parents last night in town before the long haul back to Pitt. 

P.S.- I got to take 2 slices of this lemon cheesecake home and gave one to the roomie and I have been taking one bite a day on mine since Tuesday. I want it to last forever. And ever.

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