Monday, April 18, 2011

10 Year High School Reunion

My 10 yr reunion is approaching and unlike most people, I have no interest in going. Well, on a scale of 0-10, I am about a 1. Here's why:

* My class (Class of 2001) sucked. I went to Ft. Gibson from preschool until I graduated. You would think I would have a really cool network of friends after that long in a school. But nope. I still talk to 1 person from high school. And that one person is a guy.Wait, maybe 2. If random texts from your high school boyf count.
* I was closer to the class ahead of me and the class below me.
* There are several girls from my class that are still in contact. And not with me. I don't really have anything in common with these girls. They engaged in activities that I had no interest in and to be honest, weren't always the nicest to me.
* Plenty of them stayed in Fort Gibson and got married and had babies (not always in that order). I wouldn't say I hate FTG, but mark my words: I will never live there again. My parents have a wonderful house there and that is the only reason I ever go back.
* Facebook. Don't we really get all the info we need from Facebook anyway?

I really hate to sound like such a downer about this topic. Recently, a girl from my high school that I have known for years and years, has been writing on people's facebook walls begging them to make sure they have sent their information in for the reunion. And I find it just so ridiculous. Which may not be fair on my part. Maybe she really is excited to see these people. I just can't seem to get on board.

The details of the event aren't out yet, so I am still up in the air about it. I have a slight feeling that I wouldn't be missed if I didn't go. Am I the only one that is this disinterested in their high school reunion?

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  1. My ten year is still a couple of years off, but I have no interest in going either.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the Facebook aspect. I'm sure the prospect of going to reunions was much more exciting when people weren't constantly fed details of former classmates' lives via social networking sites.

    See how you feel when the date draws nearer. If it doesn't require a complete life upheaval on your part (expensive plane tickets, time off work, etc) it might be worth it to go :) I live over 1000 miles away from my high school town--no way I'd pay $400 for a plane ticket to go!