Wednesday, March 30, 2011

General Stuff

Not much to report today, but I just felt like blogging. Is it because I don't want to work? Probably. Is it because I haven't found anything interesting on the internet to entertain me? Maybe Is it to avoid online shopping and spending money I should save? Absolutely

I ran a 5k this past weekend and completed it in my fastest time yet, 28:19! It was cold and drizzling and I went into it thinking I could run it well. And I did. And I scored a really delicious dinner cooked by Rowdy Red as soon as it was over. The run was at 6:45 PM, something I have never done, and I haven't decided yet if I like that better or not than the morning runs.

Deeya is still having a hard time feeling at home, but she did get to get out on a field trip to Walgreen's with me on Sunday. And Monday she ventured up to the club house to eat breakfast. She may or may not have gotten lost on her way back home, but at least she tried and stopped to ask for help.

Kickball returns tomorrow and we have 2 players coming back this season that are really good. This could be our season to win it all (fingers crossed, people!)

This Saturday, I will be going to Edmond to watch some little girl soccer, chase Jordyn around, and eat a birthday dinner for Lauren. Her birthday is April 4th and she is going to be 7. I cannot wrap my head around that. 7 years old. Look for a special birthday blog post for my girl!

April is approaching quickly and feels like it is going to be a busy one.

* Rowdy Red's parents are coming for 10 days. Not only will I be meeting them for the first time, it will be the first time I have had a boyfriend that is "hosting" his parents from out of town.

* Kings of Leon concert with my girls!

* Kara and Shawn wedding.

* Louie's birthday. You all may know Louie's at the fella that married my cousin Katie. He's swell.

* Remember the 10 run in Stillwater. Still deciding about whether or not I will run it this year/

* Work Sales/Service event at Andy B's bowling alley.

*Madrid (as in Alfredo and Mindy) baby shower. Due to the Feb snow, we had to postpone and now we are lucky enough to get to actually meet the baby at the shower. I told her I plan on stealing the baby.

And the event of all events in April. The royal wedding of William and Kate. Check back for more details...maybe I should take off work that day....

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  1. I think busy months are the best- definitely better than boring, slow months where you wish there was more to do. Congrats on the run, that's a great time!