Monday, March 7, 2011

Allison turns 5

Allison had a princess-pirate themed bash this weekend. We were supposed to have moon bounce but the weather made Erin have to cancel.

All of her friends and cousins came to the house and they had a great time dressed up. I just realized I didn't get any pics of Lauren. She was very preoccupied with getting ready for the party and making sure she was getting some quality time in with Rowdy Red :)
Erin made her a castle cake!
5 years old
Milk does a body good
Hanging with Pappy
See that look on her face? That is the look she gave Rowdy Red all day
Birthday Princess
Ready for the party
Snow White came to visit
Coloring their picture frames
Being very careful
Allison and Caleigh
Her castle frame
Rowdy Red couldn't resist a tutu

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